Réunions sur le patrimoine culturel immatériel (co-)organisées par l’UNESCO

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Formation des formateurs de langue russe pour l’Asie centrale
19/23-06-2017Bichkek (Kirghizistan)

Atelier sur l’élaboration de plans de sauvegarde, législation et des politiques du PCI
03/06-05-2017Tashkent (Ouzbékistan)

The elaboration of Safeguarding plans
16/21-04-2017Dubai (Émirats arabes unis)

Third expert group meeting on cultural contexts of health and well-being
13/14-03-2017Paris (France)


In January 2015, the WHO Regional Office for Europe convened its first expert group meeting on the cultural contexts of health (CCH), thereby initiating a project that seeks to build a platform for research from the health-related humanities and social sciences to support the implementation of Health 2020, the European policy framework for health and well-being. The second meeting of the expert group was convened in April 2016 to further explore how research from the humanities and social sciences can inform policy-making, and how a greater awareness of the importance of CCH can be promoted both within WHO and more broadly in the public health arena.

The purpose of this third meeting of the CCH expert group, co-organized with UNESCO on 13-14 March at UNESCO’s headquarters in Paris will be two-fold. The first day will be dedicated to reviewing and inputting on the various pieces of technical work, which are currently being developed by the CCH project team. On day two, the meeting will shift towards recommending new areas of work and development for 2017, with a particular focus on research methodologies and concrete research outputs.

This is an invitation-only meeting for experts from the health related humanities and social sciences, as well as experts from public health, UNESCO, and other relevant international organizations, whose focus is on the intersection of culture, health and well-being.


Envisager l’avenir du programme global de renforcement des capacités et de son réseau de facilitateurs - Réunion stratégique avec les facilitateurs
06/09-03-2017Bangkok (Thaïlande)

Atelier d’inventaire avec la participation de la communauté Bida
20/24-02-2017Niger State (Nigéria)

Formation à l’utilisation des mécanismes de la Convention de 2003 pour la sauvegarde du patrimoine culturel immatériel
13/17-02-2017Suva (Fidji)