Story-telling and community-led event

17-10-2013 Ladakh (India)

The Department of Museology, National Museum Institute, New Delhi is organizing a day long programme in the Gya village, Ladakh of traditional story-telling and community interaction between elders of Gya village with young students from various parts of Ladakh. Five village elders have been identified as part of this event. They are to be engaged as story- tellers as they have significant knowledge and experience in social and cultural traditions such as rituals around Losar (Buddhist new year), stone carving, weaving, Amchi (herbal medicinal practice) and vernacular architecture. 15 students from SECMOL, Student’s Education and Cultural Movement of Ladakh will participate in this event. This team will consist of students from various parts of Ladakh and will also include some students from Gya. These students are between the age of 16 and 18 years. The students will interact with the elders, watch the rituals and techniques and put questions to the community about various aspects. There would be a traditional story telling performance, Kesarsaga, as well.
Concerned country(ies): India