Partners of MedLiHer project and contacts

Partners of the project

Egyptian National Commission for UNESCO

Jordan National Commission for UNESCO

Direction Générale de la Culture, Ministère de la Culture du Liban/ Commission nationale libanaise pour l’UNESCO

Direction de la Sauvegarde du Patrimoine Populaire, Ministère syrien de la Culture

The activities in the Syrian Arab Republic under the project MedLiHer, have been, as of 11 October 2011, suspended. This decision was taken by the European Union - the funding source for this project - in view of the increasing civil unrest in the country.

The Syrian partners will however continue to be included in exchanges of information (e.g. training materials, workshops, documents, audiovisuals) among other MedLiHer project countries.

UNESCO remains committed to supporting the implementation of the Intangible Heritage Convention in the Syrian Arab Republic WIKI>

Maison des Cultures du Monde (France)

Contacts within the UNESCO Intangible Heritage Section

Chief of the Capacity Building and Heritage Policy Unit

Project coordinator

Euromed Heritage IV Programme