Institutions, organizations, contacts

National institutions

Permanent Delegation of the Republic of Mozambique to UNESCO
Ambassade de la République du Mozambique
82, rue Laugier
75017 PARIS

Mozambique National Commission for UNESCO
C.P. 3674
MZ - Maputo

Designated authority for the use of the emblem:

This country did not designate yet any national authority in charge of the use of the emblem of the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage

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UNESCO’s contacts

UNESCO Office in Harare
8 Kenilworth Road
Newlands Harare
P.O. Box HG 435
Culture Program officer:
Damir Dijakovic; Yvette Kaboza (;

UNESCO Office in Maputo
4031, Av. da Marginal
C.P. 1397
Culture Program officer:
Ofelia de Silva (

UNESCO headquarters (ICH Section)
Regional officer:
Ohinata, Fumiko (