07 April 2014 - Increasing involvement of communities in inventorying intangible cultural heritage in Latin America

Fieldwork with Maya-Pocomam craftswomen of Chinautla, Guatemala

Guatemala and the Dominican Republic benefitted in March from intensive training in drawing up inventories of intangible cultural heritage with the participation of the communities that practise and experience it. The Guatemala training focussed on the traditional knowledge of ceramic crafts practised by indigenous Maya-Pocomam women in the town of Chinautla, 10 km from Guatemala City, and the Dominican Republic activities highlighted the improvised couplet songs of the Chuineros, the rural villagers of Baní, in the southern province of Peravia.

07 October 2013 - Preparing nominations: Caribbean countries strengthen their capacities

08 March 2013 - Dominican Republic sets off on the path of implementing the 2003 Convention