30-10-2013 Berlin (Germany)

The German Commission for UNESCO in cooperation with the Cultural Foundation of the Länder, the Federal Cultural Foundation and the Japan Cultural Institute in Cologne invite to a symposium on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the ICH Convention. The symposium shall assess the global experiences with safeguarding intangible cultural heritage and identify challenges and tasks for the coming years. A particular focus will be on the German context of implementation, given that the country is joining the 2003 UNESCO Convention this summer. The discussions and findings of the symposium shall inspire the social and political debate in the country. The symposium will be accompanied by a poster session/exhibition where researchers can present their work in the field of ICH. This is supposed to enable the exchange of information about ongoing and recently completed or future projects. Participants will have the opportunity to attend a concert with Malian musicians in the chamber music hall of the “Berlin Philharmonie” in the evening.
Concerned country(ies): Germany - Austria - Belgium - France - Japan - Latvia