Files 2015-2016



Consult the documents of the files under process for 2015 cycle

Below are the files registered by the UNESCO Secretariat for examination during 2015-2016 cycles. This list includes nominations for the Urgent Safeguarding List or the Representative List, proposals for the Register of Best Safeguarding Practices and requests for International Assistance of more than US$ 25,000.

The Committee will examine at least one file by submitting State during the two-year period 2015-2016. It determined the total number of files for these two cycles to be 100 (50 in 2015 and 50 in 2016).

The order of priority applied correspond to paragraph 34 of the Operational Directives:

Those States that do not have at least one file examined in 2015 will have priority during the 2016 cycle (decision 8.COM 10).

CountriesSubmitted filesLevel of priority
1 AfghanistanRLAttan (00986)(i) no element inscribed
2 Andorra; Spain; FranceRLLes fêtes du feu du solstice d’été dans les Pyrénées (01073)(i) no element inscribed
3 ArgentinaRLFilete porteño from Buenos Aires, a traditional painting technique (01069)(i) no element inscribed
4 Bosnia and HerzegovinaRLKonjic woodcarving (01102)(i) no element inscribed
5 Democratic People’s Republic of KoreaRLTradition of kimchi-making (01063)(i) no element inscribed
6 FijiBSPCultural mapping for iTaukei (Indigenous Fijian) traditional knowledge and expressions of culture (00895)(i) no element inscribed
7 GreeceRLTinian marble craftsmanship (01103)(i) no element inscribed
8 NamibiaRLMarula first fruit festival celebrating the traditional start of new year through seasonal harvesting of fruit from omugongo or marula trees (01089)(i) no element inscribed
9 Saudi ArabiaRLAl Mezmar, drumming and dancing with sticks (01011)(i) no element inscribed
10 SerbiaRLKolo (01096)(i) no element inscribed
11 SloveniaRLTraditional production of the Kranjska klobasa (Carniolan sausage) (01022)(i) no element inscribed
12 TajikistanRLArt of Chakan embroidery in Kulob, Tajikistan (01097)(i) no element inscribed
13 TurkmenistanRLTurkmen epic art of Gorogly (01028)(i) no element inscribed
14 United Arab Emirates; Saudi Arabia; Oman; QatarRLArabic coffee, a symbol of generosity (01074)(i) no element inscribed
15 BotswanaUSLDikopelo folk music of Bakgatla ba Kgafela in Botswana’s Kgatleng district (01088)(i) nomination for USL
16 ColombiaUSLTraditional Vallenato music of the Greater Magdalena region, northern Colombia (01095)(i) nomination for USL
17 EgyptUSLTraditional hand puppetry (01020)(i) nomination for USL
18 Iran (Islamic Republic of)USLTraditional knowledge and skills of constructing Baadgirs (wind catchers) in Iran (01111)(i) nomination for USL
19 MongoliaUSLCoaxing ritual for baby camels (01061)(i) nomination for USL
20 PakistanUSLSafeguarding the intangible cultural heritage of North West Frontier Province of Pakistan, which is seriously damaged by the current wave of terrorism (00562)(i) nomination for USL
21 PortugalUSLManufacture of cowbells (01065)(i) nomination for USL
22 The former Yugoslav Republic of MacedoniaUSLGlasoechko, male two-part singing in Dolni Polog (01104)(i) nomination for USL
23 UgandaUSLKoogere oral tradition of the Basongora, Banyabindi and Batooro people of Western Uganda (00911)(i) nomination for USL
24 Afghanistan; Azerbaijan; India; Iran (Islamic Republic of); Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzstan; Uzbekistan; Pakistan; Tajikistan; TurkeyRLNaoroz, Novruz, Nowrouz, Nowrouz, Nauryz, Nooruz, Nauroz, Navruz, Nevruz, Nevruz, Navrusz (00954)(ii) multinational nomination
25 Bulgaria; The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; Republic of Moldova; RomaniaRLCultural practices associated to the first of March (01093)(ii) multinational nomination
26 Cambodia; Philippines; Republic of Korea; Viet NamRLTugging rituals and games in Cambodia, the Philippines, the Republic of Korea and Viet Nam (01080)(ii) multinational nomination
27 Colombia; EcuadorRLMusiques de marimba, chants et danses traditionnels de la région du Pacifique Sud colombien et de la province d’Esmeraldas d’Équateur (01099)(ii) multinational nomination
28 Kazakhstan; KyrgyzstanRLAitysh, Aitys-art of improvisation (00997)(ii) multinational nomination
29 United Arab Emirates; OmanRLAl-Razfa, a traditional performing art in the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman (01078)(ii) multinational nomination
30 United Arab Emirates; Saudi Arabia; Oman; QatarRLMajlis, a cultural and social space (01076)(ii) multinational nomination
31 AustriaRLClassical horsemanship and the High School of the Spanish Riding School Vienna (01106)(iii) 1 element inscribed
32 EthiopiaRLFichee-Chambalaalla, Sidama nation New Year festival (01054)(iii) 1 element inscribed
33 MalawiIAR+25Documentation of Nkhonde, Chewa and Tumbuka proverbs, folktales and associated vehicles of their expression (01060)(iii) 1 element inscribed
34 BangladeshRLJatra traditional performing arts of Bangladesh (01070)(iii) 2 elements inscribed
35 BulgariaRLThe folk feast Surova in Pernik region (00968)(iii) 2 elements inscribed
36 Dominican RepublicRLSon (01053)(iii) 2 elements inscribed
37 KenyaIAR+25Safeguarding of Enkipaata, Eunoto and Olng’esherr: Three male rites of passage of the Maasai Community (00888)(iii) 2 elements inscribed
38 MauritiusRLBhojpuri folk songs of Mauritius (01005)(iii) 2 elements inscribed
39 NigeriaRLEyo masquerade festival (01066)(iii) 2 elements inscribed
40 SlovakiaRLBagpipes and bagpipe culture in Slovakia (01075)(iii) 2 elements inscribed
41 UzbekistanRLRopewalking (01087)(iii) 2 elements inscribed
42 Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)RLTraditional knowledge and technologies relating to the growing and processing of the Curagua (01094)(iii) 2 elements inscribed
43 AlgeriaRLLe pèlerinage annuel des communautés zénètes à la Zawiya Sidi El Hadj Belkacem, Gourara, dit «Sbuâ» (00667)(iii) 3 elements inscribed
44 ArmeniaRLArmenian Kochari, traditional group dance (01079)(iii) 3 elements inscribed
45 KyrgyzstanRLKok-boru, Kyrgyz traditional horse game (01067)(iii) 3 elements inscribed
46 RomaniaRLLad’s dances in Romania (01092)(iii) 3 elements inscribed
47 ItalyRLThe celebration of the Celestine Pardon (00994)(iii) 4 elements inscribed
48 AzerbaijanRLTraditional copper craftsmanship of the Lahij community (00675)(iii) 5 elements inscribed
49 PeruRLWititi dance of the Colca Valley (01056)(iii) 6 elements inscribed
50 IndonesiaRLTraditional dances of Bali (00617)(iii) 7 elements inscribed
51 MexicoRLCharrería, Mexican equestrian tradition (01108)8 elements inscribed
52 Viet NamRLViet beliefs in the Mother Goddesses of Three Realms (01064)8 elements inscribed
53 BelgiumRLLa culture de la bière en Belgique (01062)9 elements inscribed
54 IndiaRLKolam, ritualistic threshold drawings and designs of Tamil Nadu, India (00842)9 elements inscribed
55 FranceRLLe carnaval de Granville (01077)10 elements inscribed
56 TurkeyRLTraditional craftsmanship of Çini-making (01058)10 elements inscribed
57 SpainRLCultural space of the Valencia Fallas festival (00859)12 elements inscribed
58 CroatiaBSPCommunity project of safeguarding the living culture of Rovinj/Rovigno: the Batana Ecomuseum (01098)13 elements inscribed
59 Republic of KoreaRLCulture of Jeju Haenyeo (women divers) (01068)15 elements inscribed
60 JapanRLYama, Hoko, Yatai, the float festival of Japan (01059)22 elements inscribed
61 ChinaRLThe Twenty-Four Solar Terms in the Chinese Lunar Calendar (00647)37 elements inscribed