Requests 7.COM 5.BUR, October 2012

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EN: Inventorying the intangible cultural heritage of four communities in Uganda

FR: Inventaire du patrimoine culturel immatériel de quatre communautés ougandaises

Amount (US$): 216000

Assistance Request > $25.000

Core documents
Request form ICH-04:English|French11 Sep 2012
Background documents
Timetable - + workplan:English16 Jul 2013
Decision - 6.COM 10.3:English|French25 Nov 2011
Request form ICH-04 - 6.COM:English|French20 Jan 2011
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EN: Safeguarding and revitalizing the Mongolian traditional epic

FR: Sauvegarde et revitalisation de l’épopée traditionnelle mongole

Amount (US$): 107000

Assistance Request > $25.000

Core documents
Request form ICH-04:English|French20 Jun 2012
Background documents
Timetable - + budget:English24 Sep 2013
Timetable - +budget estimate:English 9 Jul 2013
Decision - 6.COM 10.2:English|French25 Nov 2011
Request form ICH-04 - 6.COM:English|French24 May 2011