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Nigeria: Towards safeguarding of intangible heritage

23 de enero 2015 – A project has recently been launched in Nigeria, aiming to provide a solid foundation for effective safeguarding of living heritage.

Thanks to the financial assistance of Japan, the national authorities will be accompanied by UNESCO during the period of three years in order to create an effective … ›››

La imprenta china de caracteres amovibles de madera

Training of trainers workshop on safeguarding in Asia-Pacific

15 de enero 2015 – What are the knowledge and skills required to elaborate safeguarding plans for intangible cultural heritage effectively? How to acquire these competencies successfully? These questions are at the centre of a training workshop with eleven expert facilitators and ten UNESCO culture officers involved in … ›››

15 January reporting deadline for 97 accredited NGOs

06 de enero 2015 – The deadline approaches (15 January 2015) for the first 97 non-governmental organizations accredited to provide advisory services to the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage to submit their reports on the contribution and the commitment of … ›››
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¿Por qué salvaguardar el patrimonio cultural inmaterial? Respuestas de Estados…

República de Corea
Sr. Samuel Lee Director del Centro Internacional de Información y de Trabajo en Red para el Patrimonio Cultural Inmaterial en la región Asia-Pacífico (ICHCAP)

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Sra. Christine Merkel Jefa de la División de Cultura, Comisión Alemana para la UNESCO

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Sr. Marc Jacobs Interfaz de Flandes para el Patrimonio Cultural (FARO)

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