Proyectos de salbaguardia del patrimonio cultural inmaterial

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This page presents the projects and programmes aiming at safeguarding intangible cultural heritage implemented in cooperation with UNESCO. They are either the result of the approval by the Committee of financial assistance requests or the implementation of projects designed by UNESCO and financed by its regular budget or by extrabudgetary funds.

Safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage through strengthening national capacities in Niger

  • Costo (US$): 167 336
  • Source: Fondo del PCI (España)
  • Fechas: 09-2013/en curso
  • Informe de avance (04-2014): inglés

Países beneficiario: Níger (el)

Fortalecimiento de las capacidades nacionales para la salvaguardia eficaz del patrimonio cultural inmaterial en Cuba, República Dominicana y Haití

  • Costo (US$): 434 989
  • Source: Fondo del PCI (Noruega)
  • Fechas: 06-2012/en curso

Países beneficiario: Cuba, República Dominicana, Haití


This project has a twofold objective: strengthening the national capacities on intangible cultural heritage in each of the beneficiary countries by a number of training workshops and by supporting and giving policy advice to governmental and non-governmental institutions in the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage.

Through the workshops on implementation of the Convention and on inventorying, both the Dominican Republic and especially Cuba have received advice, technical assistance and support on their work on intangible cultural heritage, sustaining projects that contribute to the safeguarding of the intangible cultural expressions. ›››

Noticias y actividades:

Salguardia del PCI de los Batammariba de Koutammarkou

  • Costo (US$): 153 726
  • Source: Japón
  • Fechas: 04-2007/06-2009

Países beneficiario: Togo


Koutammarkou, a site in the North-East of Togo inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2004, shelters the Batammariba (“those who work the earth”) whose houses with turrets made of earth, the takyientas (“those who guard”), have become the symbol of Togo. This project aims at ensuring the safeguarding of the rich intangible cultural heritage of the Batammariba. ›››

Organización de tres talleres de capacitación en África

  • Costo (US$): 269 988
  • Source: Noruega; UNESCO - Presupuesto regular
  • Fechas: 07-2007/12-2008


The project (209 988 USD), co-funded by UNESCO regular programme, aimed at supporting the inscription of African intangible cultural heritage on the lists of the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, through organizing the following three Capacity-Building Workshops for African states:


Taller de consulta nacional

  • Costo (US$): 27 489
  • Source: Japón
  • Fechas: 03-2008/12-2008

Países beneficiario: Papua Nueva Guinea