Proposiciones para selección en 2009 programas, proyectos y actividades que reflejen del modo más adecuado los principios y objetivos de la Convención (punto 15 del orden del día)

The documents below are the proposals submitted by States Parties, for possible selection and promotion by the Committee, in accordance with the procedures established in the Operational Directives for the implementation of the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Each proposal is presented, together with any supporting documents, as received from the submitting States.
During the fourth session of the Committee, a working group will be established to examine these proposals and provide the Committee its opinions of the merits of the proposals and a summary recommendation. The results of their work will be presented to the Committee in an addendum to document ITH/09/4.COM/CONF.209/15 (inglés|francés).

Proposiciones presentadas por Estados Partes
Estado(s)Título del elementoDocumentos
IndonesiaEN: Education and training in Indonesian Batik intangible cultural heritage for elementary, junior, senior, vocational school and polytechnic students, in collaboration with the Batik Museum in Pekalongan
FR: Éducation et formation au patrimoine culturel du batik indonésien à destination des étudiants des écoles élémentaires, secondaires, supérieures, professionnelles et polytechniques en collaboration avec le Musée du Batik de Pekalongan
Referencia del expediente: 00318
Consentimiento de las comunidades: Indonesian/English
Bolivia (Estado Plurinacional de) - Chile - PerúEN: Safeguarding intangible cultural heritage of Aymara communities in Bolivia, Chile and Peru
FR: La sauvegarde du patrimoine culturel immatériel des communautés Aymara de la Bolivie, du Chili et du Pérou
Referencia del expediente: 00299
EspañaEN: Centre for traditional culture – school museum of Pusol pedagogic project
FR: Centre pour la culture traditionnelle – musée-école du projet pédagogique de Pusol
Referencia del expediente: 00306
Consentimiento de las comunidades: inglés