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Input of individuals, communities, local and national organisations and the general public, may contribute to the sharing of experiences and initiatives in the field of intangible cultural heritage (ICH) in to the MedLiHer partner States and raise awareness of regional ICH.

This information not only improves visibility of the project but expands the MedLiHer database of projects and organisations related to ICH, which is key for the development of a regional cooperation network.

Should you have any experience and information about ICH activities in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria, that you may wish to share, we would be interested to learn from you.This may include:

  • Information about the ICH practices and expressions (kindly refer to the definitions of ICH in the Convention);
  • Information about organizations and projects that work in the field of ICH;
  • Photographs of ICH practices and expressions in the region;
  • Videos of ICH practices and expressions in the region;

Photographs and videos must be sent with the corresponding Cession of Rights forms, in order to grant permission of their use to UNESCO.

Photographs (inglés|francés).

videos (inglés|francés).

Please contact Fleur Perrier de la Bathie at:

The Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage



Workshops organized in Syria* in connection with the conduct of assessments on the state:

MedLiHer Phase II evaluation meeting, Cairo, Egypt, 28-30 November 2010:

Euromed Heritage 4, a program of the European Commission



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*Given the situation in the Syrian Arab Republic, the activities led in Syria in the project MedLiHer have been suspended since October 2011.

The World Cultures Institute:

The World Culture Institute, is a French institution and a MEDLIHER partner, it has a database of online entertainment and world music:

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