ICCN Dubrovnik 2013 and 10th Anniversary of UNESCO ICH Convention

02/06-10-2013 Dubrovnik (Croacia)

Folklore Ensemble „Lindjo“ and City of Dubrovnik will be the host of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) of the world through celebrating 10th Anniversary of UNESCO ICH Convention as well as holding the ICCN events from 2-6 October 2013./ 10th Anniversary of UNESCO ICH Convention and ICCN Dubrovnik 2013 will consist of four parts: 1. Youth Forum 2. Workshop and Meeting of ICCN Mayors 3. Festival (UNESCO registered Croatian and world ICH will perform) 4. Exhibition presenting UNESCO ICH Convention, registered heritage, as well as ICCN members ICH./ Problem: Youth is becoming less engaged with the ICH, as a result of globalization process and the current youth lifestyle. Besides, the power of the ICH to help youth in vulnerable communities find their future is not enough recognized and utilized./ Theme of 10th Anniversary of UNESCO ICH Convention and ICCN Dubrovnik 2013, with participants from over 40 countries, is: “Youth in Safeguarding the Intangible Cultural Heritage” with the following sub-topics: 1. ICH as a part of Local Development Strategy 2. Safeguarding the ICH under extraordinary circumstances: (unrests, armed conflicts, natural disasters etc.) 3. ICH, Youth and Future of Public and Cultural Diplomacy 4. ICH and Youth in Tourism
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