TARANTELLA DEL GARGANO Intangible Cultural Heritage

07-08-2013 Carpino (Italia)

TARANTELLA DEL GARGANO On 7 of August, during 18th edition of Carpino Folk Festival, a whole evening will be dedicated to explain state of art about "Le tarantelle del Gargano", dossier curated by Salvatore Villani. In the following will be shown the documentary film "Gargano. The music of lands", of Giandomenico Curi, and a concert of "Tarantelle" of Gargano performed by "Li Ariarule" folk group with special guests Antonio Piccininno and Rocco Cozzola. At this special evening will partecipate also the groups of "Cantatrici di Ischitella" and "Cantori di Mattinata", particular examples of very rich oral history of Gargano: all they will execute a wide collection of different kind of work songs and others. The evening will begin with the reading of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage which will be the reference point for the subsequent reflections. The program of the festival in which is inserted the event of 7 August involves preparation for the evening with lessons Tarantella del Gargano about dance, swing guitar and tambourine. The other ICHnet organizations -accredited to UNESCO - like Associazione Totarella, Associazione Multietnica Europea, Cultural Association Circolo della Zampogna, will participate in the event.
País(es) implicado(s): Italia