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Délégation permanente de l’Azerbaïdjan auprès de l’UNESCO
Maison de l’UNESCO
Bureau B.12.29
1, rue Miollis
75732 Paris Cedex 15

Commission nationale de la République d’Azerbaijan pour l’UNESCO
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Shikhali Gurbanov Str. 4
1009 Baku

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Bureau de l'UNESCO à Moscou
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Fédération de Russie
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ONG accréditées situées dans ce pays

Nom, adresse et sourceActivités relatives au PCI
Azerbaijani Carpetmakers' Union
51/4, Asef Zeynally street
AZ 1095, Sebail district
Tel.: (+99412) 4936685

Demande d’accréditation n° 90266 : anglais
Réunion décisionnaire : 4.GA - 2012

Date de création: 2010

- oral traditions and expressions
- performing arts
- social practices, rituals and festive events
- traditional craftsmanship

Mesure de sauvegarde:

- identification, documentation, research (including inventory-making)
- preservation, protection
- promotion, enhancement
- transmission, (non-)formal education
- revitalization

Pays principaux d’activité:


The purpose of the Azerbaijani Carpetmakers' Union is the safeguarding of the Azerbaijani national carpetmaking and handicrafts, their development and popularization in the world.
The Union helps to learn and form the public opinion about carpet-making art, legal rug products, and it also helps the stimulating of the raising of the creative work mastery of the physical persons, popularization of quality and special signs of our national culture and handicrafts to determine various examples of carpets and also helps theirs popularization and demonstation in Azerbaijan and the world. The NGO collaborates with local and international organizations of carpet-making art, including museums and also with legal and physical persons, as well as the state agencies.
The Unity organizes different trainings and workshops, round tables and meetings, exhibitions, charitable fundraising, conferences, other cultural and other mass measures; dissiminates information about purposes and activities, publishes print materials.
In 2009-2010, the Azerbaijani Carpetmakers' Union participated in developing the nomination file of Azerbaijani carpetweaving for the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
For preservation of a variety of the Azerbaijan carpet, weaver's communities together with the Association «The World of carpet» and Azerbaijani Carpetmakers' Union collect information about local features of carpets, popularisation of products of local weavers through exhibitions-sales, organising trainings. So, in August 2009, in Baku, the Azerbaijani Carpetmakers' Union uniting all carpet communities of the country and the Association «World of Carpet» organised the round table which was devoted to problems of activization of manufacture of pileless carpets in Azerbaijan. The Carpetmakers' Union organises regular trainings in technique of pileless carpets at the the Museum of the Azerbaijan carpet.
Communities of carpet weavers demonstrate the works at various exhibitions. So, in 2009 the national competition-festival of carpets in various zones of the country was organised. In 2009, works of national weavers were shown in one of the Days of the Azerbaijan culture in Basel.
Besides, the following national laws were adopted: in 1998 the Law on import-export of cultural objects, in 2003 - the Law about folklore, in 2007 - ratification of the Convention of UNESCO on Protection of intangible Cultural heritage.
In 1983, 1988, and 2003, three international symposiums of the Azerbaijan carpet were organised in Azerbaijan. The first two ones were passed under the aegis of UNESCO. In 2007 4th symposium devoted to the 100 anniversary of Ljatif Kerimov took place in UNESCO headquarters in Paris where the exhibition of artists works also was organised.
Among large publications of carpet protection for last decade: Roya Tagieva «The Azerbaijan carpet» 1999, presentation of which has taken place in 2000 in Louvre Museum, Azadi-Kerimov-Tsollinger «The Azerbaijan Caucasian carpets» 2001, and the two-volume book «The Azerbaijan carpet» 2006, devoted to L.Kerimov and Materials of 4th symposium about the Azerbaijan carpet.
Many last projects have been connected with efforts on revival of carpet art. Among of them:
• CD issues: 2004 - «The Virtual Museum of the Azerbaijan carpet and applied art» (UNESCO grant),
2005 - «Technologies of the Azerbaijan carpet»,
2006 - «The Azerbaijan carpets» (with financial assistance of the Moscow bureau of UNESCO);
• in 2008 was spent the exhibition of carpets «Azerbaijan – the country of fires and carpets» from a collection of the Kiev art museum of Boqdan and Barbarians Hanenko and the catalogue of the publication «The Azerbaijan carpet»;
• In 2009 Republican festival and an exhibition of modern carpets from various regions of the country;
• In July 2009 in Baku – exhibition «Dream of the master: a new life of ancient patterns» in which works of modern weavers have been exposed.
In 14th of September, 2009 has been spent the round table and a master class "Not varying values of varying time" with the assistance of carpet – wavers, artists on carpets, collectors and businessmen, and also fans of carpet art. It has been shown a collection of clothes with use of carpet patterns of young designer Minary Kulieva, works of the master on embroidery art with use of a carpet thread of Shahla Askerova, etc.
On 17th of November, 2009, on the day of birth of the great artist on carpets, masters, scientific Ljatif Kerimov has been opened the exhibition of professionals and masters is national-applied art "The art Bridge, the leader from the past in the future".
On 18th of May, 2010 has opened the exhibition of tapestries "Tapestries: yesterday and today", where have exposed the works of masters of Non-governmental organisation.
On 10th of May, 2010 has been opened the exhibition of the Union's member Mr.Eldar Mikailzade “Dedication to geniuses".
In February, 2011 has been opened the exhibition of felt products, a member of NGO Rauf Abdulgasanogly devoted to Hodzhali tragedy.
In March, 2011 has been opened the exhibition of masters on national-applied art was devoted to a holiday of Novruz.
Since 2010 the Carpetmakers' Union has started to carry on negotiations with similar international communities in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, in Russian Federations and in Islamic Republic of Iran. Result of negotiations was the opening of an exhibition of masters of people-applied art of Uzbekistan which has been opened together with "Fund-Forum of culture and art of Uzbekistan", Associations of Antiquaries of Uzbekistan "Meros" which will proceed in the autumn opening of an exhibition of the Azerbaijan masters in Tashkent, also opening of an exhibition of carpets on the basis of pictures of the National artist of Azerbaijan and Russia Tahir Salahov. Last exhibition has been shown for the first time in 2010 in Moscow, in the Museum Center of History of Musical Art named after M.Glinka, and also in 2011 which was organized by UNESCO in Paris.
The Carpetmakers' Union plays the main role of creating intangible cultural variety of the local communities, groups and various persons. In this way the Union supports to enrich cultural variety, protect non-material cultural heritage especially among young generation. It carries out monitorings for the learning cause and effect in the material and technical direction, prepare the activity program in the direction of restoration of the technologies defining on the basis of getting results of the sensible and forgotten kinds of the carpet-making art.
In 2010 in Guba, Khachmaz, Gusar, Shabran, Siyazan the Union carried out the survey about modern situation of the carpet-making art, in 2011 in the result of analysis of the surveys compile the plan of monitoring and in Guba unity have been organized the exhibition from the works of the carpet-makers and masters of applied art.
In 2010 there were surveys about carpet-making art in the west zone of Azerbaijan.
The same problem is connect with various kinds of art embroideries. It is about the propaganda the ancient kinds and names of embroideries art among the young generation. Once in a month the Union organize the meetings with craftsmans in the various handicrafts of people-applied art and investigate their problems. Carrying out the work among different adults (9-17, 18-28) the Union learns their interests to various kinds of applied art and organize different groups.
Musigi Dunyasi Ictimai birliyi
Opera Studio, 2nd Floor
98, Sh. Badalbeyli str.
Baku city AZ1014
Tel.: +99412 4392302

Demande d’accréditation n° 90264 : anglais
Réunion décisionnaire : 4.GA - 2012

Date de création: 2002

- oral traditions and expressions
- performing arts

Mesure de sauvegarde:

- identification, documentation, research (including inventory-making)
- preservation, protection
- promotion, enhancement
- transmission, (non-)formal education
- revitalization

Pays principaux d’activité:


«Musigi Dunyasi» ("World of Music") is a non-governmental, irreligious, intangible cultural heritage organization, uniting workers and bearers of culture and art, science and education, experts in the field of modern electronic technologies and programs in determination and implementation of the global Project «Azerbaijani Music for the 3-rd Millennium». The exponent of the organization ideology first being published in Azerbaijan is a research-and-pedagogical, critic-and-journalistic, cultural and educative journal «Musigi Dunyasi» in the Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages.

Strategic objectives are:

- Promoting the realization of citizens' rights for free information access and free spiritual development, as well as cultural, scientific and educational activity,

- Studying the intangible cultural heritage of Azerbaijan and contributing to its active safeguarding,

- Learning and sharing experience with other countries and its communities in relation to safeguarding and transmission of traditional music,

- Harmonizing determination of the problems of description, preservation, investigation of Azerbaijani intangible cultural heritage and providing access to it,

- Ensuring comprehensive solution to the problems related to Azerbaijani intangible cultural heritage, namely through facilitation of the new audio-, video-, photo-, etc. informational and communicative technologies for its safegurading and restoration, investigation and provision of authorized access to it,

- Assisting in preservation of particularly valuable archival collections (musical-literary monuments, sound and noted editions, traditional music, etc.) by means of creation of their electronic copies in line with ICEMOS standard.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (article 19), International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (a.a. 13,15), European Convention on Human Rights (a.1 0) are put in the basis of the Project's legal aspect.

The realm of copyright is regulated by The Azerbaijan Republic Law «On Copyright and Related Rights». Besides, Azerbaijan ratified Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works and concluded a range of bilateral agreement with other states in this field.
The Union has been involved in the following Projects and events related to the researches" revitalization, promotion and safeguarding of the Azerbaijani Intangible cultural heritage:

1. The "Garabagh Khanendes" Project initiated by Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva, the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and the President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. Professor Tariel Mamedov, chairman of the «Musigi Dunyasi» is the Coordinator of the Project. 2006

2. The Mugham Encyclopaedia Project implemented by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation together with the Musigi Dunyasi Public Union and dedicated to the inclusion of The Azerbaijani Mugham into the Representative List of Intangible cultural heritage of Humanity. Mrs. Mehriban Aliyeva, the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and the President of the Foundation, is the Author and Head of the Project. Professor Tariel Mamedov, chairman of the «Musigi Dunyasi» is the Coordinator of the Project. 2009

3. The Project on restoration of the old gramophone records fulfilled by the creative group «Musigi Dunyasi» with the financial aid of the Germany and France embassies in Baku. 300 restored disks with the records (1900-1940) of outstanding Azerbaijan khanendes were transferred to the State Museum of Music Culture (200 disks) and to the House-Museum of Uzeyir Hajibeyli (100 disks) in 2004

4. The Project of "Atlas of the Azerbaijan Traditional Music" (website). This Project was implemented with the support of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Culture and Tourism, UNESCO Office in Moscow, Rotary Foundation, Institute "Open Society" (Fund of Soros) and other partners. 2006.

5. The Project called "Karaoke. Azerbaijani national songs and classic romances" (A book and a DVD). This project was implemented in 2010 with the support of the Azerbaijani Education Ministry. 2010.

6. The Project called "Hundred Poems of Hundred Poets. Karaoke. Azerbaijani Classical Poetry". (A book and a DVD). The project was also supported by the Azerbaijani Education Ministry. 2011.

7. The Project of "Traditional Music of Azerbaijani Communities" (CD and a booklet in 6 languages) implemented with the support of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Culture and Tourism. 2011.

1. In November 2002, the Union organised an International Scientific Conference called "Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Safeguarding of Traditional Knowledge at the Age of Globalization". This even was also supported by the Open Society Institute.

2. In February 2005 and December 2006, the organisation participated at the event called "Preservation of Cultural Heritage" held in Minsk, Belarus.

3. In 2007-2008, the Union took part in the Endangered Archives Programme by the British Library.

4. In December 2009, the Union took part at the International Bureau for Caucasus Cultural Programmes held in Tbilisi, Georgia.

5. In March 2009-2011, the organisation participated at the 1-11 International Musicological Symposium called "Space of Mugham".

6. In July 2010-2011 the Union was involved into the work of "Astana-Arkau" Festival of Turkic music.

Creation of multimedia websites:

a) Commemoration web-sites:
1. «Vagif Mustafazadeh» (in Azeri and English); ;
2. «Gara Garayev» (in Russian and English):
3. «Afrasiyab Badalbeyli» (in Azeri, Russian and English):
4. «Tofig Guliyev» (in Azeri and Russian):
5. «Rasul Rza» (in Azeri and Russian):
6. «Shamsi Badalbeyli» (in Azeri and Russian):

b) Educational:
7. «Musician's Electronic Library» (in Azeri, Russian and English):
8. Uzeyir Hajibeyli "Foundations of Azerbaijani Folk Music» (in Azeri, Russian and English) Ebook:
9. A.Badalbeyli «Music Dictionary» (in Azeri, Russian and English):
10. «Mugham Encyclopaedia» (in Azeri, Russian and English):
11. «Uzeyir Hajibeyli» electronic textbook.

c) Electronic journals
12. «Musigi Dunyasi» online
13. International Network Musical-Culturological Journal in the Russian and English languages «Harmony»

d) Electronic catalogues:
14. Azerbaijan Discography (1900-1940). On-line catalogue (in Azeri and English):
15. Media Library of the Azerbaijan Writers' Union.

e) Virtual museum:
16. Musical comedy by U.Hajibeyli «Arshin Mal Alan» (in Azeri, Russian and English)
17. Opera by Uzeyir Hajibeyli «Leyli and Majnun» (in Azeri, Russian and English)
18. Musical comedy by U.Hajibeyli «Not That One, Then This One» (in Azeri, Russian and English)
19. Portal, devoted to Uzeyir Hajibeyli
20. Encyclopaedia by Uzeyir Hajibeyli
21. Virtual Museum of Azerbaijan

e) Conservation of living and spiritual heritage:
22. Atlas of Azerbaijani Traditional Music
23. Living voices of Azerbaijan history
24. Epistolary heritage of Azerbaijan

Participation of the sites of «Musigi Dunyasi» in preservation of cultural heritage:
- Memorial site «Gara Garayev» won the first place as the best Website at the two network competitions. The first competition was held by IREX/IATP within the countries of the Caucasus, in May, 2003, the 2-nd one is the Republican Competition «WEBMASTER 2004».

- The site «Azerbaijan Discography (1900-1940)>> won the 3-rd place at the competition
between the countries of the Caucasus and Scandinavia for the best Website in 2003.

- The site of «Musigi Dunyasi» participated in two competitions held by UNESCO - Nabi Digiarts Storytelling Competition (2004 r.) and the Competition of Websites Digi Arts in 2004.

- The sites "Leyli and Majnun" and "Gara Garayev" won the Prize "National Internet-2004";

- The site «Musigi Dunyasi» won at the national competition "Azerbaijan - E-Content -2005" in nomination "Culture", conducted by the World Summit AWARD;

- Electronic textbook by U.Hajibeyli "Foundations of Azerbaijani Folk Music" was the only site that represented Azerbaijan at the competition "Golden Site" in Russia;

- The Portal «Uzeyir Hajibeyli» won the 1-st place at the National Internet Competition "Netty-2006"

- «Atlas of the Azerbaijan Traditional Music» won the 1-st place at the National Internet Competition "Netty-2007"

- «Atlas of the Azerbaijan Traditional Music» won a special Diploma for the original electronic edition at the Competition «The Best Book on Communicational Sciences and Education» 2006-2007, held in Russia.

- The site «Atlas of the Azerbaijan Traditional Music» won at the National Competition "Azerbaijan - E-Content -2005" in nomination "E-culture", conducted by the World Summit AWARD;

- «Atlas of the Azerbaijan Traditional Music» won the 1-st place in nomination «Creative Finding of a Site» in the Russian competition of the Internet sites on overcoming extremism and xenophobia, promotion of tolerance among the youth «Brotherhood» in 2011.

- The site «Virtual museum in Azerbaijan won the first place in the National Internet Competition "Netty-2008"

- The site «Tofig Guliyev» won the first place at the National Internet Competition "Netty-2009"

- The site «Media Library» won the first place at the National Internet Competition "Netty-2010"

- The site «Rasul Rza» won the first place at the National Internet Competition "Milli Net-2010"

- The site «Shamsi Badalbeyli» won the first place at the National Internet Competition "Netty-2011"
The Union has systemically initiated and participated into a great number of activities implying the involvement of the related communities. Mostly, this involvement demonstrated itself in the frames of the following projects and activities.

In the framework of the project «Karaoke. Azerbaijan National Songs and Classic Romances» and «Karaoke. 100 Poems From 100 Poets», the Union has been in constant contact with folk musicians and story-tellers to produce disks and books with noted and written texts. This activity included a preliminary selection of performers of folk music and story-telling communities in Baku and the regions in accordance with style and genre. The produced products were then delivered free of charge to a number of comprehensive and specialised schools in the country. The presentation of the project was attended by well-known folk singers, as well as students of school 23, who performed some folk songs. The active participants of the presentation also included wellknown poets, as well as students of school 34, who read popular poems.

Another project called « Atlas of Traditional Music of Azerbaijani Communities» included a great amount of field work, during which «Musigi Dunyasi» Union closely cooperated with communities of small ethnic groups, such as Lezgins, Russians, Talishes, Tatarians, Ukranians, Tsakhurs, Avars and others (more than 30 communities). The main objective of the project was the safeguarding of the musical culture and the promotion of its history and traditions in the framework of most of the communities living in the territory of Azerbaijan. More specifically, the members of the Union visited central, northern and north-western regions of the country and recorded performances of a great number of folk musicians and storytellers differing greatly in genre and language. The members of the communities themselves underlined the importance of
safeguarding their musical heritage and its transmission to younger generations. They agreed that there are still a lot to be done to promote and ensure transmission of classical traditions. The Union took the commitment to intensify its role in this field in its future activities. The project ended up with creation of a website called "Atlas of the Azerbaijan Peoples' Traditional Music" (, also containing information about the world community with musical traditions of the Azerbaijani communities, an electronic multimedia book «Ethnic Music of Azerbaijan» and an audio edition called "Traditional Music of the Azerbaijan Peoples".

The project on restoration of the ancient gramophone records

Financed with the support of the French and German embassies in Baku, the Project on restoration of old gramophone records involved the participation of a number of musicologists and researchers from the Azerbaijan State Conservatory and Azerbaijan State Philharmonic. The Union restored around 300 disk records. Many of them were handed to young music communities, especially in the regions, such as music schools. A part of the restored recordings was given to Azerbaijan Museum of Musical Culture. These recordings are now presented to the attention of museum visitors, including schoolchildren, students and tourists, who can hear traditional music of Azerbaijan in the original as recorded in the early 20th century.

The Union took active part in preparation of text materials and textbooks related to the Ashuq art for the higher music educational institutions. During these activities, the members of the Union together with some leading musicologists visited Ashuq communities in different regions of the country. The main purpose was to publish an edition called "Ashig classical songs", as well as a book called "Koroghlu's Songs" about Azerbaijani and Turkish national chants. The Ashuq communities presented text material of around 150 songs, 80 of which were selected for the noted edition. The Union still envisages making second editions of these publications, as it collects new material from the concerned Ashuq storytellers.

Azerbaijani folk music performers are systematically invited to make contributions to the "Musigi Dunyasi" journal. Articles of different music performers from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, and America are published on the pages of electronic journals "Musigi Dunyasi" and "Harmony". For purposes of promotion of folk music heritage, the Union took great efforts in involving famous national musicians and performers to participate at the conferences and presentations, just like it was, for example, for the Conference «Turkic Folk Music» held in Astana in 2010, when the Union invited Ashuq Mahmud and Ashuq Solmaz Kesayeva.