Woodford Folk Festival

27/31-12-2013 Woodford, near Brisbane in Queensland (Australie)

To acknowledge, promote and celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Register, the Woodford Folk Festival’s World Folklines Traditional Performing Arts Programme presents concerts, a forum, talks, dances and performances featuring some cultural traditions listed on the Register being maintained by immigrant communities in their new homeland of Australia. The World Folklines Programme has been a key component of the Woodford Folk Festival for almost 20 years. It follows the lines of traditional folk and classical arts from throughout the world. The programme avoids ‘World Music’ and fusion as much as possible. The featured traditions listed on the Register to be presented at the festival include • Bolivia - Carnaval de Oruro. • Hungary, Tanchaz method, • Mongolia - Khoomii chant, • Mongolia - Morin Khuur, • Mongolia - Biyelgee dance, • Bistritsa Babas, Shopluk Bulgaria -polyphony and dances, • Ladakh Buddhist chanting (international guests). • Turkey – Asiklik tradition, • Armenia – duduk, • Baltic song and dance celebrations, • Flamenco, Spain, • France – Breton Fest-Noz • Iraq - Iraqi Maqam • India - Vedic chant. • A forum promoting the Intangibile Cultural Heritage Register • Talks on the Traditional Violin craftsmanship in Cremona Italy, Iraqi Maqam.
Pays concerné(s) : Australie