'A Festa 'e Sant'Antuono nel Paese della Pastellessa

07-12-2013 Macerata Campania (Italie)

The Association "Sant'Antuono & Battuglie di Pastellessa", based in Macerata Campania, in collaboration with "Istituto Comprensivo" of Macerata Campania and municipality of Macerata Campania unique inventor of the music played with barrels, vats and sickles, on the occasion of Tenth Anniversary of the ICH Convention and within the ICHNet initiative «Culture Viventi», organizes the event «'A Festa 'e Sant'Antuono nel Paese della Pastellessa». In this occasion Mr. Alessandro Casola presents his Comedy «'A Festa 'e Sant'Antuono» which is a historical excursus on the local tradition. The aim of the event is to deepen and debate the role of intangible heritage and importance of its safeguarding.
Pays concerné(s) : Italie