UNESCO and the intangible heritage of the SALTARELLA, a traditional dance of the Abruzzo Region.

12-05-2013  Lanciano (Chieti) (Italy)

The Local Branch of the ICHNetwork, Coordinator for the Abruzzo Region based in the town of Lanciano (Chieti), in collaboration with the Municipality of Lanciano and its Cultural Pole of Santo Spirito – on the occasion of the Tenth Anniversary of the Convention for the Safeguarding of the ICH, adopted by the UNESCO General Conference in Paris, organizes an event on the rivitalisation and some particular forms of traditional dances - saltarella and ballarella - tipical of the oral cultures in rural communities of the Frentana area (southern Abruzzo). The initiative is aimed at providing a participatory "space", for bringing people together and sharing experiences and ways of transmission of such dances associated with peculiar forms of music and instruments. The program includes in the afternoon performances and testimonies of elder "musicians" of accordion (organetto) and tambourine from the Frentana area. Several groups of people will perform dances and songs identifiying their own community/families and traditions. Following this part, devoted to dialogical process, to recall memories, and to experience sharing, the public involved will be invited to join the dances and the music during a "festa a ballo", organised within the First Week of the Frentana Culture in Lanciano.
Concerned country(ies): Italy