The Gazi University Museum For Intangible Cultural Heritage Has Relocated

10-06-2013/10-08-2013 Ankara (Turkey)

The Gazi University Museum for Intangible Cultural Heritage was established under the Turkish Folklore Research and Application Centre (TFRAC) of Gazi University. The Museum has now re-located to its new home and celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the Convention for Safeguarding Intangible Heritage and the exhibition, “10 Heritage for 10 Years”. This Museum has undertaken the mission to protect intangible aspects of cultural heritage, as inscribed in the Convention. With its archive and exhibitions, the ICH Museum provides visitors and researchers information regarding the activities it conducts. The recent exhibition, entitled ‘’10 Heritage for 10 Years’’ is a significant example. This exhibition aims to promote the practices and objects of 10 intangible cultural heritage of Turkey, inscribed in the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. In the scope of this activity, stage performances of “Karagöz” and “meddah” was organised, traditional Sohbet meetings were held. Two “Yaran” of the artisan tradition (Ahilik), clothed in traditional attire, shared information about the history of artisans and the “yaran” tradition and assemblies. The famous “Mesir” toffee was served to guest in honour of it inscription to the list in 2012.
Concerned country(ies): Turkey