The “cinti” ritual in Terranova

13/16-07-2013 Terranova di Pollino (Italy)

The Local Branch of the ICHNetwork, Coordinator for Southern Lucania based in Terranova del Pollino in the premises of the Polo Culturale «ICHNet», in collaboration with the Administration of the Municipality, the Ente Parco Nazionale del Pollino and the Centro di Educazione Ambientale Val Sarmento, organize the event "Il rito dei Cinti a Terranova" (The “cinti” ritual in Terranova) with a four days program covering different aspects and peculiarities of the ritual: July 13, 2013 arrival of different “cinti” from various parts of the territory; July 14 Conference “Beni immateriali in Azione”, which included the presentation of various parts of the Convention and the presentation of the research started on this particular form of ritual; July 15, Exhibition of the various “cinti”; July 16, Feast of the Madonna del Carmine with the procession of “cinti” accompanied by the “zampogne”. The event marked the first time that such ritual was examined through a systematic data collection and the documentation of the transmission today of the practice through the memory and knowledge of the older people of the local community to the young generation. The ICHNET organizations - accredited to UNESCO - Circolo della Zampogna di Scapoli, Associazione Totarella, Associazione Multietnica Europea, Associazione Carpinofolkfestival, participated in the event.
Concerned country(ies): Italy