Traditions and integration

02/04-08-2013 Montemarano (Italy)

The Local Branch of the ICHNetwork, Coordinator for Campania based in Montemarano, in collaboration with the Administration of the Municipality, INAIL (National institute for insurance against accidents at work) Actionaid, the antiracist Forum of Campania, Association “Space to Responsibility” for the Promotion of Social Responsibility of the enterprise in the Mediterranean, the Human Rights Promotion and Protection Committee, ICHNet, the Museo Etno Musicale di Montemarano and the Scuola di Tarantella Montemaranese, organize the Conference Tradizioni e integrazione (Traditions and integration). The event starting from articles of the Convention, will focus on the relation between migration, tradition and integration, with particular attention to the risk existing with regard to accidents at work, which have also a cultural component that must not be under evaluated and needs to be taken in due consideration for attaining integration but at the same time recognizing the important value of difference, as a resource. Following the Conference, the General Asssembly ICHNet will be held. The ICHNET organizations - accredited to UNESCO - Circolo della Zampogna di Scapoli, Associazione Totarella, Associazione Multietnica Europea, Associazione Carpinofolkfestival, will participate in the event.
Concerned country(ies): Italy