Ritual performance and community-led event

17-10-2013  Meerut, Uttar Pradesh (India)

The department of Museology, National Museum Institute is organizing a daylong programme in the village of Sikheda (western Uttar Pradesh), showcasing the live creation of the living tradition of ‘Sanjhi’. ‘Sanjhi’, design patterns consisting of traditional motifs are created on certain ceremonies, festivals and life-cycle occasions. Sanjhi as a living traditional art form is prevalent in Western Uttar Pradesh and also in other parts of India. The activity will consist of demonstration of creation of Sanjhi , narration of stories, myths and legends, songs etc. associated with it. 7 elderly village women have been identified for the narration, creation and performance of the Sanjhi and its associated rituals. This will be followed by question & answer session on part of the school children. 26 school children have been identified for it. The main participants are community members, school children and practitioners. This activity comes under Social practices, rituals and festive events.
Concerned country(ies): India