Art exhibition of schoolchildren

01-12-2012/31-07-2013 Viljandi, Tallinn (Estonia)

The activity calls attention to the 10th year anniversary of the ICH Convention and also Arts Education Week of UNESCO in May. The project has 3 stages: 1) In December 2012 information day and practical training for the art teachers was organized (37 schools all over Estonia participated). The teachers received information about ICH, some inspiration about how to study it with children and practical training about the tools of contemporary art in a classroom. 2) The pupils aged 14-19 made research into the ICH of their own home region. They presented the findings to schoolmates together with an idea of how they intend to interpret this knowledge for their future artwork that was to be realized with the tools of contemporary art. Each school selects one piece of art to send to the national exhibition and makes a local exhibition of other works. 3) On 24 May the exhibition will be opened in Viljandi Art Gallery. The authors and teachers will put up their works, participate in the ICH workshops and concert and enjoy the festive opening of the exhibition. Later the exhibition can be seen in the capital city of Tallinn and in the web
Concerned country(ies): Estonia