Newly Opened, Ankara Museum of Intangible Cultural Heritage celebrating the 10. Anniversary of the Convention

28-05-2013/12-2013 Ankara (Turkey)

On 28 May 2013, the “Ankara Museum of Intangible Cultural Heritage” opened, housing many samples and various examples of intangible cultural heritage. The Museum aimed to display the living cultural heritage, to visualise this heritage with demonstrations and practices, and to be a living platform for these traditions. With this aim, for the establishment of the museum, a field research was conducted, spanning the 16 districts of Ankara by conducting interviews with close to 250 resource persons. The data collected has shaped the museum content and also served to develop the Ankara Intangible Cultural Heritage Catalogue. Within the context of the 10th Anniversary of the Convention celebrations, special exhibitions with various demonstrations were made. Among these were demonstrations of meddah storytellers, practices of the art of Ebru (marbling), and “minstrel” with stories in the traditional sohbet meetings. The Museum was established in a restored traditional Ankara townhouse in the Hamamönü Quarter of Ankara, with the support of the Ankara Development Agency and the collaboration of Gazi University and the Municipality of Altındağ. It is our hopes that the Museum shall play a significant role in the preservation of intangible culture, to ensure its protection, re-enactment and transfer to future generations.
Concerned country(ies): Turkey