Thematic work shop regarding the opportunities to translate the timeless intangible cultural values to young people

15-11-2013 Blagoevgrad (Brunei Darussalam)

A initiative under an University research project with title "TRANSLATING MESSAGES TO YOUNG PEOPLE THROUGH THE INHERITED CULTURAL LAYERS". We are sure that identifying the cultural needs of our young people puts us in front of a range of challenges. In fact, already established cliché of so-called "global era" should be well recognizable by young people. It is worth noting, however, that the dynamic economic, cultural and political impacts of globalization and especially the growing need for identity among young people it necessary to search for new interpretations. The project proposal overlooks exactly these challenges and interpretationions but seeking opportunities to overcome them, relying on inherited socio-cultural values - enduring in nature. Furthermore, it putts in focus young people studying at Southwestern University and in particular the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Arts. To reach the realization of the main goal - translating messages to young people through the presentation of inherited cultural layers.
Concerned country(ies): Bulgaria