UNESCO and the intangible heritage of the Alta Valle Del Sinni

08-06-2013 Latronico (Italia)

ICHNetwork in collaboration with the Associazione Culturale il Tassello and the Istituto Comprensivo «Benedetto Croce» of Latrònico, organize, within the ICHNet initiative «Culture Viventi», an event aimed at highlighting the fundamental principles contained in the Convention in relation to the specific cultural heritage of the Alta Valle del Sinni. This can be in mainly identified the in the «puntino ad ago» – an original lace made through the particular attitude of local women to embroidery, crochet and sewing, up to recent times also weaving of particular fibers such as wool, linen, cotton and broom and the local religious intangible heritage. The Mayor Mr. Fausto De Maria and the Rector Don Giovanni Costanza will open the event followed by introductory remarks of Mr. Corrado Limongi and Mr. Antonio Tortorella, ICHNet Coordinator for Western Lucania, followed by a paper Ms. Felicetta Gesualdi, Presidente of the «Tassello», followed by a contribution of Mr. Ettore Panizzo, on The Local Religious Intangible Heritage and the Manifestations of the Popular Piety. The event will be chaired and concluded by Ms. Francesca Lufrano. The ICHNET organizations - accredited to UNESCO - Circolo della Zampogna, Associazione Totarella, Associazione Multietnica Europea, Associazione Carpinofolkfestival, will partecipate in the event.
País(es) implicado(s): Italia