05/06-10-2013 Lisbon (Portugal)

The Fundação INATEL, accredited by UNESCO as an advisory organization in the framework of the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, organizes, with the institutional partnerships of Lisbon Municipality and Portuguese National Commission for UNESCO, the festival "City of Traditions" ("Cidade das Tradições") on October 5 and 6, in Lisbon. The festival program features ethnography, traditional folk music, folklore, pottery and embroidery, aerophones and chordophones workshops, construction of traditional instruments, D. Roberto traditional puppet theatre, traditional games, handicraft and traditional gastronomy. “City of Traditions” comes from the historical and lasting relationship between INATEL and CCD - Centres for Culture and Sport, particularly the folk and ethnographic groups and brass bands which are dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of arts and traditional cultural practices. In addition to monitoring, encouraging and supporting in a sustained way the work developed by amateur cultural associations and communities, INATEL now intends to give recognition and prominence to artists, musicians, dancers, craftsmen and artisans, professionals and amateurs involved with us, on the daily mission of safeguarding the intangible cultural heritage.
País(es) implicado(s): Portugal