Dieta Mediterrânica - Património Cultural Milenar

23-02-2013/29-03-2014 Tavira (Portugal)

What is the Mediterranean Diet? The exhibition will answer this question showing its multiple dimensions: the concept of cultural space and ancient Mediterranean lifestyle, an intangible cultural heritage passed on from generation to generation and their social and religious aspects, the sacred foods and their symbologies, products from the sea and from the land that support a diet of excellence recognized by the WHO - World Health Organization. The central focus will be the territory and the multiple heritages of Tavira, the testimonies of the presence of ancient civilizations, cultural landscapes and the products of the Ria Formosa, the productions of the crags and mountains, the festivities and cultural practices that inspired the choice of Tavira in Portugal as a representative community on the Application of the Mediterranean Diet as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity presented in March 2012 at UNESCO Headquarters. Films produced under the Transnational Application will be screened and a kitchen space will be recreated for information and experimentation activities, learning of food preparation and confection and culinary traditions.
Pays concerné(s) : Portugal