CIOFF® Albania -National conference for spiritual diversity of cultural heritage

23-09-2013 City PERMET (Algérie)

Problems were tackled cultural heritage of ethnic minorities living in Albania, encouraging them to be part of folk festivals as a factor of integration. These groups are carriers of a diversity and have a unique cultural heritage that should be preserved and exhibited. In Albania there are groups such as Gypsy, Roma and vllaho- Aromanian Greek and minority Greek & Macedonian.. The conference sought to encourage this diversity brought some positive examples of such groups, their relationship with the local government as we Dropull Permet etc., etc. In this conference were representatives of civil society groups and folk ensembles, local government representatives, the Ministry of Culture, Academy of Sciences etc.. There were also representatives of the Albanian community living in Kosovo and Macedonia In the conference took part gave opinions of more INTERESTS and Albanian etnomuzikologu for academic Pr. Dr. Vasil Tole
Pays concerné(s) : Albanie - ex-République yougoslave de Macédoine - Kosovo