CIOFF® Croatia - 10th anniversary of ICH and ICCN (Inter-City Intangible Cultural Cooperation Network)

02/06-10-2013 Dubrovnik (World Heritage List) (Croatie)

The 10th anniversary celebration organized by Folklore Ensemble Linđo, CIOFF Croatia member, in Dubrovnik, celebrating the Festivity of St. Blaise (Patron Saint of Dubrovnik; on UNESCO´s List of ICH). A 4-day festival where Croatian live heritage from the UNESCO´s list was presented: Klapa, multipart singing of Dalmatia, southern Croatia, Nijemo Kolo, silent circle dance of the Dalmatian hinterland, Ojkanje singing (Dalmatian hinterland), Bećarac, singing and playing from Eastern Croatia and Two-part Singing and Playing in the Istrian Scale from Istria and Croatian Littoral. Festival ended with Procession Za Križen (Following the Cross) on the Island of Hvar, also on UNESCO´s list. (On UNESCO's List of ICH Croatia has registered 13 cultural properties.) Folklore ensembles from towns “Lindjo“ and villages around Dubrovnik demonstrated local dances and singing, as an example of protection of ICH. The ICCN conference was organized as a part of the event. In order to compete for the Guinness book of records 18 ensembles, total of 180 dancers performed a local folk dance “Lindjo” (the greatest number of performers for the specific dance) Patronage: President of Republic of Croatia, UNESCO Croatian commission, UNESCO Regional office Venice, Ministry of culture, Ministry of Tourism
Pays concerné(s) : Croatie