List of the Masterpieces proclaimed in 2005

1. Albanian Folk Iso-polyphony (Albania)
2. The Ahellil of Gourara (Algeria)
3. Duduk Music (Armenia)
4. Baul Songs (Bangladesh)
5. Processional Giants and Dragons in Belgium and France (Belgium-France)
6. The Mask Dance of the Drums from Drametse (Bhutan)
7. The Samba of Roda of the Recôncavo of Bahia (Brazil)
8. The Bistritsa Babi – Archaic Polyphony, Dances and Ritual Practices from the Shoplouk Region (Bulgaria)
9. Sbek Thom, Khmer Shadow Theatre (Cambodia)
10. The Art of Uyghur Muqam of Xinjiang (China)
11. The Cultural Space of Palenque de San Basilio (Colombia)
12. Oxherding and Oxcart Tradition in Costa Rica (Costa Rica)
13. Slovácký Verbuňk, Dance of Recruits (Czech Republic)
14. Cocolo Dance Drama Tradition (Dominican Republic)
15. Rabinal Achí, Dance Drama (Guatemala)
16. Ramlila: the Traditional Performance of the Ramayana (India)
17. Indonesian Keris (Indonesia)
18. The Tenore Song, an expression of the Sardinian pastoral culture (Italy)
19. Kabuki (Japan)
20. The Cultural Space of the Bedu in Petra and Wadi Rum (Jordan)
21. Vimbuza Healing Dance (Malawi)
22. Gule Wamkulu (Malawi-Mozambique-Zambia)
23. Mak Yong Theatre (Malaysia)
24. The Cultural Space of the yaaral et degal (Mali)
25. Urtiin Duu: Traditional Folk Long Song (Mongolia-China)
26. The Moussem of Tan-Tan (Morocco)
27. Chopi Timbila (Mozambique)
28. El Güegüense (Nicaragua)
29. Ifa Divination System in Nigeria (Nigeria)
30. The Palestinian Hikaye (Palestine)
31. Taquile and its Textile Art (Peru)
32. Darangen Epic of the Maranao People of Lake Lanao (Philippines)
33. Gangneung Danoje Festival (Republic of Korea)
34. The Căluş Tradition (Romania)
35. Olonkho, Yakut Heroic Epos (Russian Federation)
36. The Kankurang, or Manding Initiatory Rite (Senegal-Gambia)
37. Fujara: Musical Instrument and its Music (Slovakia)
38. The Patum of Berga (Spain)
39. The Mevlevi Sema Ceremony (Turkey)
40. Bark Cloth Making in Uganda (Uganda)
41. The Space of Gong Culture (Vietnam)
42. The Makishi Masquerade (Zambia)
43. Mbende, Jerusarema Dance (Zimbabwe)