"Each part of the world recapitulates, shares in and experiences the history of the world as a whole"
Fernand Braudel

Tannery and Sesame Mill

The tannery was originally owned by Karanikola. Unfortunately, only the ground floor remains of what was a two storey building. None of the original equipment has been preserved.

The sesame mill was owned by Giannaki. Only the original workshop remains. It houses mechanical equipment that was powered by water. Artefacts that relate to the production of hydropower are the reservoir, from which water was supplied by means of a mill-race, a water tower and an inclined aqueduct which supplied water from the waterfall. Energy from this arrangement moves the horizontal propeller (Greek or eastern type) which is preserved under the floor of the workshop. This system of supplying water and water movement is from the Byzantine era.

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