"Each part of the world recapitulates, shares in and experiences the history of the world as a whole"
Fernand Braudel

Bronze vessel

4th century BC
Amrit, Maratos

This is an object from the recent discoveries in Amrit (Maratos), the most important city in all of Phoenician history. Amrit was the meeting point of the civilizations of the Near East and the Greek West during the age of Alexander the Great.

This metal object is carefully carved by having been poured into a mold. It displays four horizontal bands, three of which depict scenes of Egyptian deities, while the fourth decorates the curved base with stylized lotus flower known as ‘Albashnin.’ The top band depicts a journey of the two Egyptian gods, Amon, the king of gods, and Re, the sun-god. The second represents Min, the god of Male Fertility. The third represents the mythological figure Anubis, with his head of a jackal and human body, who served to protect the souls in the mummification process and the journeys of the afterlife.

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