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Pakistan Legislations for the Protection and Management of Archaeological Heritage of Pakistan
Pakistan1878Treasure troke act N. VI to amend the law relating to Treasure Trove (as modified by Act XII of 1891)
Pakistan1947The Antiquities Export Control Act
Pakistan1950Act LXXXIV of 1950 to amend Ancient Monuments Preservation Act
Pakistan1968Act N. XIV to consolidate and amend the law relating to the preservation and protection of antiquities
Pakistan1969Customs act N. IV (as modified up to 1994) on the prohibition and restriction of importation and exportation
Pakistan1975Antiquities Act (as amended in 1992)
Pakistan1978Archaeological excavation and exploration rules
Pakistan1979Immovable antiquities (mining, quarrying and blasting in restricted areas)
Pakistan1979Export of antiquities rules
Pakistan1979Karachi Building Town Planning regulations and preservation of structure of special architectural or historic interest
Pakistan1980Cinematographical filming of protected antiquities rules
Pakistan1982Admission of public into immovable antiquities rules
Pakistan1985National fund for Cultural Heritage Act
Pakistan1985The Punjab special premises (preservation)
Pakistan1989Acquisition of antiquities rules
Pakistan1989Dealing in antiquities rules
Pakistan1993Prohibition for movement of antiquities between specified areas
Pakistan1994The Sindh Cultural heritage Preservation Act
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