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Roumanie Last update: December 2016
Roumanie1995Loi N. 111
LAW no. 111 of November 21st 1995 on the Legal Deposit of Documents
Roumanie1997Loi 150
Roumanie1999Ordonnance N. 2032 (juillet 1999)
Order no. 2032 of July 1999 on establishing the Licensing Commission in the Historical Monuments Field and the approval of the norms and criteria for licensing the experts in the historical monuments protection field and the specialists in the historical monuments conservation and restoration field
Roumanie2000Ordonnance 2035
Roumanie2000Ordonance 47
Roumanie2000Ordonnance 44
Roumanie2000Ordonnance 43
Roumanie2000Loi 5
Roumanie2000Law No 182 of 2000 (extracts related to the protection of cultural property)
Roumanie2000Loi N. 182
Law no. 182 of 25th of October 2000 regarding the protection of the movable national heritage
Roumanie2000Ordonnance N. 2035 du 18 avril 2000
ORDER no. 2035 of April 18th 2000 on the approval of the Methodological Norms on the registry, administration and inventory of the cultural objects owned by museums, public collections, memorial houses, cultural centres and other institutions in the field
Roumanie2000Règlement N. 44 du 30 janvier 2000
ORDINANCE no. 44 of January 30th 2000 on certain measures for insuring the temporarily exported movable cultural goods - Codified
Roumanie2001Ordonnance 2009
Roumanie2001Loi 422
Roumanie2001Décision 1258
Roumanie2001Loi 564
Roumanie2001Ordonnance 2008
Roumanie2001Loi 378
Roumanie2001Loi N. 564
LAW no. 564 of October 19th 2001 on the approval of the Government Ordinance no. 47/2000 on establishing certain protection measures for the historical monuments included in the World Heritage List
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