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Russian Federation Law on Principles of Touristic Activity 1996
Russian Federation1992Law on basics of Culture Legislation
Russian Federation1993Law on Copyrights and Related rights
Russian Federation1993Law on Export and import of Cultural Property
Russian Federation1994Law on Librarianship
Russian Federation1994Law on the Statutory Document Copy
Russian Federation1995Law on Order of presentation of Activity of Public Authorities in Public Mass Media
Russian Federation1996Law on State Support of Cinematography
Russian Federation1996The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation
Russian Federation1996Law on Museum Fund of the Russian Federation and Museums
Russian Federation1998Law on Cultural Property replaced in USSR as a Result of the World War II and left on its Territory
Russian Federation1999Law on Folk Artistic Crafts
Russian Federation2001Decree N.322 of 27.04.2001 on the Approval of the Regulations for Examination and Control of the Export of Cultural Property
Russian Federation2001Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation
Russian Federation2001Decree N.174 of 11.3.2001 on the Measures for Implementation of the Federal Law on Cultural Valuables displaced to the USSR as a result of the Second World War located on the Territory of the Russian Federation
Russian Federation2002Law on Transfer of the Stained Windows of the Marienkirche in Frankfurt-am-Oder replaced to the USSR during the World War II and stored at the State Hermitage to the Federal Republic of Germany
Russian Federation2002Law on Objects of Cutlural Heritage of Peoples of Russia
Russian Federation2005Decree N.301 of 16.05.2005 on the Exemption from Customs Duties for Customs Clearance of Cultural Values displaced across the Customs Border of the Russian Federation for the Purpose of Exhibiting
Russian Federation2007Moving art: A guide to the export and import of cultural goods between Russia and the European Union
Moving art: A guide to the export and import of cultural goods between Russia and the European Union †
Russian Federation2010Federal law on Customs Regulations in the Russian Federation
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