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Brazil Portaria N.57
Brazil1886Convençao de Berna
Brazil1937Decreto Lei N.25
Brazil1937Decreto Lei N.25
Decree-law N.25 (translation) * †
décret-loi N.25 (traduction) * †
Brazil1938Decreto Lei N.965
Brazil1940Decreto Lei N.2077
Brazil1940Decreto Lei N.2809
Brazil1940Decreto Lei N.2848
Brazil1941Decreto Lei N.3365
Brazil1941Decreto N.6734
Decree N.6734 (translation) * †
Brazil1941Decreto Lei N.3866
Décret-loi N.3866 (traduction) * †
Brazil1942Decreto Lei N.4146
Brazil1945Decreto Lei N.7483
Brazil1946Decreto Lei N.8534
Brazil1946Decreto N.20303
Brazil1949Decreto N.26675
Brazil1951Lei N.1512 de 19 de dezembro de 1951
Brazil1958Decreto N.44851
Brazil1961Lei N.3924
Law N.3924 * †
Loi N.3924 * †
Brazil1965Decreto N.55649
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* To facilitate the use of this database, the UNESCO Secretariat has provided, as needed, informal and unofficial translations of certain legislations submitted. Such unofficial translations, indicated by '*', should not be formally cited or quoted.

† Optical Character Recognition (OCR) document. WARNING! Spelling errors might subsist. In order to access to the original document in image form, click on the 'PDF Image' format of the legislation on the search results page.

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