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Georgia Last update: April 2009
Georgia1996Law on Librarianship
Georgia1997Law on Tourism and Health Resorts
Law on Tourism and Health Resorts (translation) †
Georgia1997Law on Culture
Georgia1997Law on the National library of the the Parliament
Georgia1999Law on Border Measures Related to Intellectual Property
Georgia1999Law on Copyright and Neighbouring Rights
Georgia1999Law on Preservation of Cultural Heritage
Georgia1999Law on Georgian Theatres
Georgia2000Law on the State Support of National Cinematography
Georgia2001Law on Export and Import of Cultural Property
Georgia2004Law on Broadcasting
Georgia2007Law on Cultural Heritage
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† Optical Character Recognition (OCR) document. WARNING! Spelling errors might subsist. In order to access to the original document in image form, click on the 'PDF Image' format of the legislation on the search results page.

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