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Hungary Last update: December 2016
Hungary1957Decree-Law 14 of 1957 on the Promulgation of the Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict and its Protocol (on the Prohibition of the Exportation of Cultural Property from Occupied Territories in Times of War)
Hungary1979Decree-Law No. 2 of 1979 on the Promulgation of the Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property, The General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Hungary2001Act XXVIII of 2001 on the Promulgation of UNIDROIT Convention on the International Restitution of Stolen or Illegally Exported Cultural Objects
Hungary20012001. évi LXXX. törvény a jogellenesen kivitt kulturális javak visszaszolgáltatásáról
Act LXXX of 2001 on the Return of Illegally Exported Cultural Goods (English translation) †
Hungary20012001. évi LXIV. törvény a kulturális örökség védelméről (latest version of 10 July 2016)
Act LXIV of 2001 on the Protection of Cultural Heritage (English translation) (latest version of 10 July 2016) †
Hungary2006Act XXIX of 2006 on the Promulgation of the Second Protocol to the 1954 Hague Convention for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict and the Modification of Act IV of 1978 on the Criminal Code
Hungary201014/2010. (XI. 25.) NEFMI rendelet a kulturális javak kiviteli engedélyezéséről
Decree Nr. 14 of 2010 on authorizing the export of cultural goods (English translation) †
Hungary20112011. évi LXXVII. törvény a világörökségről1
Act LXXVII of 2011 on World Heritage (English translation) †
Hungary20122012. évi XCV. törvény a kölcsönzött kulturális javak különleges védelmérő
Act XCV of 2012 on the Special Protection of Borrowed Cultural Goods (English translation) †
Hungary2016List of legislative texts which exist in Hungarian only (please contact the Database Secretariat: (natlawsdatabase@unesco.org) to obtain a digital copy of these texts
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