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4 October 2005
Poverty Reduction: Culture and Development

Contexts and needs differ widely, whether among the Hmong minority in Laos, Tuaregs in the Sahara, Afghan peasants or fishermen on Lake Victoria. Sustainable development programmes are tailored to individual needs and are rooted in the cultural fabric that bonds societies and promotes their evolution. Every culture’s particular know-how helps decision-makers to formulate truly human development policies.
The third week of October will be dedicated to this subject, as part of "60 weeks to celebrate 60 years of UNESCO".

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Culture and development: A vital pairing
Mekong Delta minorities: HIV/Aids preventive education

Building confidence: Crafts and design
An ethical type of development : Cultural tourism
News and Events

Algerian writer Tahar Ouettar and French academic Michel Lagarde laureates of 2005 Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France
29 09 2005 - The Sharjah Prize was created by the Executive Board of UNESCO in 1998 thanks to funds provided by the Government of Sharjah. The prize is presented to honor individuals, groups or institutions that have contributed in a significant way to the development, dissemination and promotion of Arab culture in the world, as well as to the preservation and revitalization of Arab intangible cultural heritage.

World Forum on Music: Music and Society in the 21st Century Los Angeles, USA
01 - 04 10 2005 - The Forum is a highly influential global knowledge-building platform and is organized jointly by the International Music Council of UNESCO and the Cultural Affairs Department of the City of Los Angeles.
Online courses of the Masters Module on Art, Design and Technology in the Arab States Online
01 - 14 10 2005 - Ongoing call for applications on the online courses from Part I of the pilot "Masters Module on Art, Design and Technology in the Arab States", an experimental first class course offered by UNESCO DigiArts, in partnership with the following universities: ALBA (Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts), American University in Beirut, Lebanese American University in Lebanon and Media Lab University of Art and Design, Helsinki.
Vulnerability of 20th Century Cultural Heritage Kos, Greece
03 - 05 10 2005 - The 2nd Hazards and Modern Heritage International Conference, organized by the Italian and Greek International Centre for the Preservation of Architectural Heritage (CICOP), will provide a forum for scientists and experts on the vulnerability of cultural heritage in the face of natural and technological hazards in order to assist them to improve information about scientific achievements and policy in risk management.
CONSERVARE 2005 : The European Heritage Forum Kortrijk, Belgium
07 - 10 10 2005 - Conservare 2005 aims at stimulating dialogue, sharing experiences and encouraging co-operation between European institutes and authorities, at all levels, and members of civil society (associations and individuals), all of whom are engaged in a common effort to protect, preserve, interpret and promote Europe’s heritage.
Theatre and HIV/AIDS in English-speaking Africa Bukasa, Uganda
12 10 2005 - 01 11 2005 - About 30 young volunteers from all over Africa, Canada and India will come together for a three-week workshop on the use of interactive theatre in response to HIV and AIDS in English-speaking African countries.

MUSEUM International, No. 227 at the Musée Guimet Paris, France
17 10 2005 - A public debate will take place at the Musée national des arts asiatiques following presentations by Professors Enrique Nalda, Romilla Thapar and François Hartog, based on their articles published in MUSEUM International No. 227 on the concept of cultural diversity in relation to heritage.

Monuments and Sites in their Setting: Conserving Cultural Heritage in Changing Townscapes and Landscapes Xi’an, China
17 - 21 10 2005 - 15th ICOMOS General Assembly and International Scientific Symposium. At the official opening on 17 October, a special celebration will mark ICOMOS’s 40th anniversary. An exhibition on its achievements since its foundation is also planned during the meeting.
Meetings of States Party to The Hague Convention and to the Second Protocol UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France
26 10 2005 - Both meetings will lead to the adoption of a set of recommendations on implementation of these instruments at the national level, and election of a committee.
Peking Man World Heritage Site Beijing, China
27 - 30 10 2005 - Within the framework of the project for the “Protection and Rehabilitation of the Peking Man World Heritage Site”, the Division of Cultural Heritage is organizing the Second Meeting of the International Technical Committee (ITC), established in 1997.
Practical Aspects of Heritage Kraków, Poland
29 - 30 10 2005 - Within the HERMES Project, this is the second of four symposiums to be held, sixteen partners from eight countries will join forces in order to promote processes of regional development.
Prevention and Resolution of Conflict through Intercultural Dialogue Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
30 - 31 10 2005 - This seminar, emphasizing the role of local actors and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), is organized by UNESCO in co-operation with the Gambidi Multimedia Centre/”Culture in the Neighbourhood Centre”.
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