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5 December 2005
How can culture contribute to combating HIV/AIDS?

Culture influences behaviour linked to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, particularly in regard to : the risk of contracting the virus, access to treatment, relations between the sexes, care of patients or, on the contrary, discrimination against infected persons and their relatives. Understanding what motivates attitudes, and taking account of different cultures when drawing up HIV/AIDS control programmes, are essential to changing behaviour with regard to this disease.

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Creativity contributing to HIV/AIDS control: Through the theatre
Teaching prevention to the young: The example of Jamaica

Religious leaders opposed to stigmatization and discrimination
Women migrants and HIV/AIDS: An anthropological approach

Information and prevention: The case of the Caucasus
Message from Director-General of UNESCO
News and Events

 The Samba of Roda and the Ramlila proclaimed Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity Paris, France
25 11 2005 - The Director-General of UNESCO, Koïchiro Matsuura, today proclaimed 43 new Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritages of Humanity. Traditional Indian performances of the Ramayana, the Ramlila, Japan’s Kabuki theatre, the Zambian Makishi Masquarade and the Samba of Roda (Brazil) are among the masterpieces proclaimed. 

World AIDS Day: More than 10 million children to participate in “Lesson for Life”
28 11 2005 - From Azerbaijan to Zambia, from Bangladesh, to Kosovo, Malawi, Mongolia, and Vietnam, some 60 countries organized a lesson on AIDS for over 10 million 13 to 18 year olds, held simultaneously on December 1, World AIDS Day. 

Launching of the “Artists for Life” Project Paris, France
01 12 2005 - Within the framework of the “I love you positive or negative” campaign, the project included an exhibition of original artwork from 30 renowned international artists. 
Conservation and Presentation of Archaeological Heritage in an Urban Context Hanoi, Viet Nam
01 - 12 12 2005 - This training event focused on the archaeological site of Ba Dinh and Thang Long Imperial Citadel in downtown Hanoi. 
Implementation of the World Heritage Regional Programme for the Arab States Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
04 - 07 12 2005 - The World Heritage Centre is organizing a regional consultative meeting with the Arab States Parties to the World Heritage Convention in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority. 
Completion of the Project “History of Civilizations of Central Asia" Paris, France
05 12 2005 - This Round Table was organized in acknowledgement of the work accomplished by the members of the International Scientific Committee who participated in the preparation of the History of Civilizations of Central Asia Project, some of them since the very beginning. 
Sub-regional forum on Tourism and culture in Central America León, Nicaragua
05 - 07 12 2005 - The Sub-regional Forum "Tourism and culture: a binomial to encourage intercultural and sustainable human development in Central America" is being held in collaboration with local Central American organizations and institutions and local, regional and international experts.
Culture and HIV/AIDS Education Amman, Jordan
06 12 2005 - The Workshop, within the framework of the 2005 World Culture Forum (4-8 December, Dead Sea, Jordan) will focus on sharing best practices in the role of culture in formal and non-formal education on HIV and AIDS. 
Preservation of the Bamiyan Site: Fourth Expert Working Group Meeting Kabul, Afghanistan
07 - 10 12 2005 - This meeting will co-ordinate activities that come within the overall framework of the Japanese Funds-in-Trust project "Safeguarding ot he Bamiyan Site, Phase II" and there will be an overview on the progress made during 2005. 
Culture and HIV/AIDS at ICASA 2005 Abuja, Nigeria
08 12 2005 - Culture and HIV/AIDS is the focus of one of the satellite sessions being organized by the UNESCO Office in Abujaduring the 14th International Conference on AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Africa (ICASA). 
Culture, Integration and African Renaissance Nairobi, Kenya
10 - 14 12 2005 - Fifth Session of the Conference of African Ministers of Culture (CAMH5) and Meeting of Intergovernmental Experts organized by the African Union Commission (AUC) in collaboration with the Government of the Republic of Kenya. 
Literate Environments, Publishing and Multilingualism Dakar, Senegal
13 - 15 12 2005 - Interprofessional and Interministerial Seminar on the development of national language publishing in Africa organized as part of the Global Alliance Project: “Book policy in Senegal, Gambia and Guinea”. 
International Seminar on the Protection of World Cultural Heritage Kyoto, Japan
14 - 16 12 2005 - This Seminar is being organized as a follow-up to the World Conference on Disaster Reduction which was held in Kobe, Japan, in January 2005. 
The Fight Against the Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Property Havana, Cuba
14 - 17 12 2005 - The Workshop is intended to bring together legal experts and police, customs and cultural officials from several countries of the Caribbean. 
Post-Tsunami Rehabilitation Using Traditional Performing Arts in the South and South-East Asian Sub-Region Project Bangkok, Thailand
19 12 2005 - Following the introduction of the programme in India and Indonesia in November 2005, the Thai Ministry of Culture will convene a press conference to announce the launching of this project in Thailand.
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