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3 March 2005

Recognition of women’s contribution to every aspect of existence - personal, social, material, intellectual and spiritual – has liberated immense forces of production and creation, thereby leading to new balances, dynamics and aspirations. The rich and varied nature of their approach extends the boundaries of the arts and of intellectual creativity, while the assertion of their role in society enhances the perpetuity of timeless cultural practices that pass down from mother to daughter. The contribution of women to cultural and artistic life is beneficial to all.

Ardhanarisvaramurti © Villager from Mithilda (India)
International Women’s Day on 8 March
Women and Cultural Diversity

Portraits of women
"Talented women"
Nushu, a strictly feminine form of writing
News and Events

World Conference on Arts Education Lisbon, Portugal
13 03 2005 - 14 03 2005  In preparation of the World Conference on Arts Education to be held in Lisbon in March 2006, UNESCO’s Division of Arts and Cultural Enterprise, in co-operation with the Portuguese Government, will organize a brainstorming meeting for the purpose of forming a Scientific Committee of the World Conference. 

5th edition of the International Fashion Festival in Africa (FIMA) UNESCO Headquarters, Paris (France)
11 03 2005 Since the launching of the Festival in 1998, UNESCO has been closely associated with this event which is, to-date, the unique outlet for the promotion of craft industry, design and textile in Africa.  A Press Conference will present the Festival’s orientations which will take place in Niger, in December 2005.
Contributing to Forest Conservation and Sustainable Development Nancy (France)
09 03 2005 - 11 03 2005  The purpose of the meeting is to provide input on how the World Heritage Centre and UNESCO, can focus its interventions to best bolster management stakeholder responses to the management challenges common in many forests and protected areas. 
National Experts Workshop and Training workshop Islamabad and Mohenjodaro (Pakistan)
09 03 2005 - 27 03 2005  The aim of these two workshops is to reinforce capacity-building at the national level in Pakistan in the areas of conservation and site management. 
Best Practices and trategies to Combat Trafficking of Women and Children in Africa New York (United States of America)
08 03 2005  The meeting will be held in the United Nations Building in New York on the occasion of the 49th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (New York, 28 Feb-11 March 2005). 
6th International Book Fair of Ramallah Ramallah (Palestinian Territoires)
07 03 2005 - 17 03 2005  The International Book Fair, organized jointly with the Palestinian Ministry of Culture and UNESCO, will include this year a round table on "The role of Book Fairs in promoting reading and strengthening book development" 
ARTE presents Intangible Heritage (France)
04 03 2005  ARTE France will air a documentary on the "cultural space of Boysun" (Uzbekistan), a masterpiece of intangible heritage. 
“Exits from Slavery and Public Policies” Brasilia (Brazil)
01 03 2005 - 03 03 2005  This meeting is organized by the UNESCO Office in Brazil and six Brazilian partners.
Implementation of the World Heritage Convention in the Gulf region Sharjah (United Arab Emirates)
26 02 2005 - 02 03 2005  Two representatives (one cultural heritage expert and one natural heritage expert) from each of the following States Parties will participate in the training workshop: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. 
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