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29 July 2005
Indigenous voices

The voices of indigenous peoples, if we take the trouble to listen to them, convey priceless messages to the world : their traditions, particularly ethical and spiritual ones, coupled with their management of complex ecosystems and their know-how, all play a vital role in the search for development and peace. Safeguarding their cultures and acknowledging their rights are of strategic importance for the future of humankind.

Inuit artist © Ministry of Indian Affairs, Canada
UNESCO and UN action: a decade on behalf of indigenous peoples, 1994-2004
Diversity and cultural rights: an expert's viewpoint

Discovery, a UNESCO partner: safeguarding languages in danger
Transmission of Knowledge of Nature: EXPO 2005 Aichi Meeting
Local and Indigenous Knowledge Systems: LINKS project
News and Events

Mostar, Macao and Biblical Vestiges in Israel are among the 17 Cultural Sites Inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List Durban (South Africa)
15 07 2005 - The World Heritage Committee, chaired by Themba Wakashe, South Africa’s Deputy Director-General for Heritage and National Archives, today inscribed 17 cultural sites on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Director-General pays Official Visit to Cambodia Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
25 - 26 07 2005 - The Director-General made his second official visit to the Kingdom of Cambodia to discuss with the Cambodian Authorities the current state of bilateral cooperation, which is predominantly focused on education and culture.
World Heritage in Young Hands Bucarest (Romania)
28 - 31 07 2005 - Workshop on "Sustainable Development and World Heritage: Preservation of the Environment" within the framework of the Great Volga River Route World Heritage Education Project.
2005 Slavery Remembrance Day Worldwide Celebrations Barbados, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala and Mali
01 - 23 08 2005 - International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition, celebrated each year on 23 August, is an opportunity for widespread reflection as to the causes and consequences of the scourge, thereby putting an end to the silence that has too long surrounded this human tragedy. Countless activities are organized throughout the world to coincide with the event.

Second Meeting of Experts of the Afro-American Centre for Cultural Diversity, Sustainable Development and Intercultural Dialogue Esmeraldas (Ecuador)
01 - 05 08 2005 - The objective of this Second Meeting of Experts is the creation of a research plan and the compilation of a group of projects for 2006-2007.

2005 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation Bangkok (Thailand)
03 - 05 08 2005 - The review and selection process of the 6th session of the Asia-Pacific prize will take place at the UNESCO Bangkok office. The awards programme recognizes the achievements of individuals and organizations within the private sector, and public-private initiatives, in successfully restoring structures of heritage value in the Asia-Pacific region.
Tri-nation Workshop-Forum – Nepal, India, Bangladesh Kathmandu (Nepal)
05 - 10 08 2005 - This workshop's theme is “Idioms of South Asian Theatre” and will be based on the Nepali play "Agnikokatha" (Fire in the Monastery).
World Heritage Convention and Eritrea Asmara (Eritrea)
18 - 20 08 2005 - Awareness-Raising Workshop on the World Heritage Convention and its Implementation.
2nd International Theatre Festival in Mongolia Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)
22 - 29 08 2005 - Workshop on “Voice and Stage Management for Contemporary Actors” and encounter on "Dialogue between the Theatre and its Audiences"
Photography Exhibition: Memories of Mankind UNESCO Headquarters, Paris (France)
29 08 2005 - 08 09 2005 Winners of the past four Humanity Photo Awards present a slice of life from traditional societies around the world. The exhibition is sponsored by the China Folklore Photographic Association, under the auspices of UNESCO.
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