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3 January 2006
Museums : Homes of knowledge about the heritage

Museums are among the most important cultural institutions of our time: a site and a means of safeguarding the heritage in the form of collections of objects. They open the door to scientific study that is as vital to the understanding and definition of meaning as it is to the question of ownership. Museums contribute in this way to formulating a global ethic based on the protection and transmission of heritage values. 

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The Nubia Museum and the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization: Fruits of a campaign
Museum of Abomey online: Legacy of the Kings of Dahomey

Museum International: Leading review for professionals
Memory of the World: Collections of documentary heritage of universal interest

The Red List of the International Council of Museums: Countering illicit trafficking in cultural goods
Internet domain for the global museum community: .museum ("dot-museum")
News and Events

The Director-General of UNESCO invites the African Ministers of Culture of the African Union to promote clear-sighted and determined cultural policies
15 12 2005 - On the occasion of the African Ministers of Culture of the African Union meeting in Nairobi, Kenya on 13 and 14 December 2005, the Director-General of UNESCO sent a message inviting the Ministers to develop “clear-sighted and determined” cultural policies in order to allow culture to take its “just place in the process of sustainable development.” 

Rehabilitation of Cultural Heritage in Kosovo: international donations represent tangible actions towards the protection of a heritage that should be transmitted to future generations Paris, France
22 12 2005 - The United States of America has donated US$ 1 million for the protection and preservation of the cultural heritage in Kosovo, as was announced during the Donors Conference on the Rehabilitation of the Cultural Heritage in Kosovo, held in UNESCO Headquarters in Paris on 13 May 2005 and confirmed following the first meeting of the UNESCO Experts Committee on the Rehabilitation and Safeguarding of the Cultural Heritage in Kosovo held on 9 December 2005 in UNESCO Headquarters

Canada becomes the first State to ratify the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions Paris, France
23 12 2005 - Canada has become the first State to ratify the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, which was adopted by UNESCO’s General Conference last October. 

Euromed Heritage Journalistic Award 2006 Rome, Italy
01 12 2006 - This Award is an international press competition dealing with the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage. The competition, organized by the European Commission, via the Regional Management and Support Unit (RMSU) of the Euromed Heritage Programme, is open to journalists from EU and Mediterranean partners. 
Archaeological Institute of America's Annual Meeting Montreal, Canada
05 - 08 01 2006 The AIA/APA 107th Annual Meeting (Archaeological Institute of America/American Philological Association) will be held in Montreal, Québec. As part of this meeting, a Workshop on Statistical Indicators for Site Management and Conservation has been organized with participation from the UNESCO World Heritage Centre. 
2006 Quintessence International Film Festival of Ouidah Ouidah, Benin
06 - 10 01 2006 - "Quintessence" is an annual film festival aimed at introducing as many films as possible to the Benin public. 
The Siddis of India and the African Diasporas in Asia Goa, India
09 - 20 01 2006 - The Conference brings together a range of intellectuals who have worked on and with the African diaspora in different parts of the world.It focuses on the past, present and future of the African diaspora in Asia, and examines its similarities and differences with its trans-Atlantic experience. 
Kotor World Heritage Site Management Plan Kotor, Serbia and Montenegro
09 - 15 01 2006 - The purpose of the Workshop is to gather all stakeholders and involve them in the process of site preservation and presentation. It is expected they will understand their responsibilities and play an active role in the process. The MP will give some practical solutions to existing problems of the Site.
Seeing with Young Eyes – Teacher Training Workshop Penang, Malaysia
16 - 21 01 2006 - The objective of this third sub-regional South-East Asian Teacher Training Workshop is to bring educators and heritage experts together in order to reinforce regional networks and promote innovative teaching methods and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).
Implementation of the World Heritage - Pacific 2009 Programme Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
17 - 20 01 2006 - The main objective of this workshop is to provide the Papua New Guinea authorities with the World Heritage theoretical framework which includes the World Heritage Convention, Operational Guidelines, World Heritage Global Strategy, and Action Plan for the implementation of the World Heritage – Pacific 2009 Programme.
Sharing our Heritages Paris and Val de Loire, France
17 - 27 01 2006 - Starting in January 2006, a three-year project entitled “Sharing Our Heritages” (SOH): Master Classes in Cultural and Natural Heritage Management”, in association with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and funded by the European Union and the Australian Government, will consist in an exchange of Master’s students undertaking heritage management advanced studies in four European Universities and four Australian Universities.
UNESCO & Africa, Partners for sustainable development: Memory, Liberation and Development of Human Resources Khartoum, Sudan
18 - 25 01 2006 - This exhibition will take place during the 6th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union.
Berlin appointed new UNESCO City of Design Berlin, Germany
18 - 19 01 2006 - In November 2005 UNESCO appointed Berlin – as the first city in Europe – to the “Creative Cities Network under the framework of UNESCO’s Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity” and, on 18 January, UNESCO will award Berlin the title of “City of Design” in a special ceremony followed by a networking meeting of UNESCO Creative Cities from Europe, Latin America and Asia on the 19th January.
Nouveaux Virtuoses Concert Paris, France
18 01 2006 - The Nouveaux Virtuoses Concerts are a national circuit of classical concerts chiefly aimed at promoting young international solo artists, in collaboration with the National Confederation of Junior-Enterprises. The programme will include pieces by, J.S. Bach, L. Francesconi, G. Frescobaldi, J. Haydn, and F.T. Schlimé.
Plantin-Moretus House-Workshops-Museum Complex Antwerp, Belgium
30 01 2006 - The Complex was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2005 and a special ceremony will take place to mark this event.
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