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December 1, 2006
In Focus
Culture, HIV and AIDS
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UNESCO advocates for educational programmes and projects that are culturally appropriate, gender and age sensitive, grounded in human rights and directly involve people living with HIV and AIDS. Culture must be perceived as a valuable resource to be mobilized in the various responses to HIV and AIDS and not as an obstacle. UNESCO supports such socio-cultural approaches through research, capacity-building and the development of a wide range of resources.
News and Events
  • Transliteration tables for the 2006 issue of the Index Translationum Paris, France
    30 11 2006 The first transliteration and transcription tables for languages, which do not use the Latin alphabet, have just been published online as the Index has been updated with some 40,000 new entries.
  • Promotion of the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Central Africa Douala, Cameroon
    30 11 2006 - 01 12 2006  The meeting, co-organized by the UNESCO Office in Yaoundé and the Culture Sector’s Intangible Heritage Section, will be attended by twenty participants. 
  • Contemporary Arts in Response to HIV and AIDS Moscow, Russian Federation
    01 12 2006  Commemoration of World AIDS Day and mainstreaming of socio-cultural approaches to HIV and AIDS education. 
  • Building your own Creative Teaching Practice Paris, France
    01 - 06 12 2006  Using the Young Digital Creators Educator's Kit, the UNESCO DigiArts Team invites teachers and educators to participate, in a special session, in building their own creative teaching practices based on the Young Digital Creators (YDC) online learning platforms on the theme of Water and HIV and AIDS. 
  • Call for submissions: UNESCO Digital Arts Award 2007 Paris, France
    01 - 31 12 2006  Young artists around the world will be encouraged to submit creative projects based on the DigiArts’ 2007 theme ‘Urban Environment and Communities’. The prize of US$10.000 will be awarded to one or several laureates. 
  • UNESCO, BBC WST and UNICEF to train journalists in HIV and AIDS reporting Baku, Azerbaijan
    02 - 05 12 2006 In the follow-up to the training-of-trainers workshop organized by UNESCO and the BBC WST, within the framework of the UNESCO/Flanders project “Culture, HIV and AIDS in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia”, UNICEF supports the organization of a series of training sessions at the national level in Azerbaijan.
  • Conservation and Management of Earthen Cultural Heritage Chogha Zanbil, Islamic Republic of Iran
    02 - 21 12 2006  Organized under the “Chogha Zanbil 2006” Programme, the three-week training course will be attended by approximately 48 participants and will include Chogha Zanbil and Haft Tappe staff members, directors of other cultural properties and 8 high-level conservation directors. 
  • Promotion of the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in West Africa Dakar, Senegal
    04 - 05 12 2006  Sub-regional meeting for West Africa to promote the 2003 Convention. 
  • 110th Session of the Executive Council of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) Paris, France
    04 - 06 12 2006  The ICOM Executive Council will meet to discuss and report on the last six months’ activities and its future strategies and draft budget for 2007. 
  • 2nd International Conference on Remote Sensing in Archaeology Rome, Italy
    04 - 07 12 2006  The theme of the conference will be “From Space to Place” and will focus on the study and conservation of archaeological and ancient landscapes through integrated technologies and virtual reality. 
  • UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards Ceremony Hong Kong SAR and Shanghai, China; Penang, Malaysia
    05 - 29 12 2006  The award, in its seventh year, recognizes the achievements of individuals and organizations within the private sector and public/private initiatives in successfully restoring structures of heritage value in the Asia-Pacific region. 
  • Outcome of the World Conference on Arts Education 2006 Paris, France
    06 12 2006   The main objective of this general information meeting, which will be jointly chaired by UNESCO’s Assistant Director-Generals for Culture and Education, will be to inform the Permanent Delegates and Observers to UNESCO about the general outcome of the World Conference on Arts Education (6-9 March 2006, Lisbon Portugal). 
  • Quality in Cultural Heritage Management: Assessment Models and Methods Rome, Italy
    06 - 12 12 2006  This is the first international conference organized by Herity Italia since it became the initial national partner organization of the Herity International Committee in 2003. 
  • National Anti-piracy Seminar Lilongwe, Malawi
    07 12 2006  This meeting is a follow-up to the sub-regional Anti-piracy Training for Trainers course (APTT), which took place in Windhoek (Namibia) in September 2006. 
  • "Te Moana nui a Kiwa" (The Great Ocean of Kiwa - Oceania) Dunedin, New Zealand
    07 - 10 12 2006  The Pacific History Association’s 17th Biennial Conference will provide a uniquely South Island Maori perspective on Pacific history. 
  • Presentation of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization's project at the Grand Palais Paris, France
    08 12 2006 - 16 03 2007  In the framework of the exhibition “Trésors engloutis d’Égypte” presented at the Grand Palais Museum in Paris, an exhibition space has been allocated to the project of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) which is presently under construction. 
  • 1st Caribbean Travelling Film Festival Havana, Cuba
    09 12 2006  The Latin American Film Festival in Havana will feature a selection of recent films by Caribbean film and video directors, working in various genres: fiction, documentary and animation. 
  • UNESCO’s SEAL of Excellence for Handicrafts Products Havana, Cuba
    13 - 15 12 2006  In the framework of the International Crafts Fair (FIART), Havana (Cuba), the UNESCO SEAL of Excellence for the craft products of four Caribbean countries - Aruba, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti - will be awarded for the first time. 
  • 5th Bamiyan Working Group Aachen, Germany
    14 - 16 12 2006  The Fifth Expert Working Group for the Preservation of the Site will meet to evaluate the works implemented in Bamiyan during 2006 and to identify future priority actions for the conservation of the site, based upon the recommendations of the previous Expert Working group, which was held in Kabul, Afghanistan (December 2005). 
  • Hyper-Traditions Bangkok, Thailand
    15 - 18 12 2006  The 10th conference of the International Association for the Study of Traditional Environments (IASTE) will take place at the Imperial Queens Park. 
  • The Abbé Raynal: an Abolitionist in the Age of Enlightenment Paris, France
    15 - 16 12 2006  On the occasion of the new edition of L’Histoire des deux Indes, a symposium and temporary exhibition will retrace the genesis of this publication, considered one of the seminal works in the fight against slavery. 
  • The UNESCO Digital Arts Award 2006 Monaco
    16 12 2006   On the occasion of the fourth edition of the “Monaco Dance Forum” (9–15 December), an international jury composed of prestigious personalities in the field of dance will meet to select the laureate(s). 
  • The Nubia Museum and the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization Cairo, Aswan and Abu Simbel, Egypt
    16 - 21 12 2006  16th Session of the Executive Committee of the International Campaign for the establishment of the Nubia Museum (Aswan) and the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (Cairo) will report on the two projects.
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