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In Focus
1 March 2006
Cultural Industries

In today's globalized world, creative industries are becoming increasingly recognized as potential vectors of sustainable development. At the local level and within the framework of international exchanges, UNESCO endeavours to improve the position of emerging countries by strengthening their creative capacities. Nowadays, publishing, music, film, multimedia and crafts all constitute means of expressions capable of impacting our economies.


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A 500-member platform for public-private partnerships: Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity
A new standard-setting instrument: The Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions

Copyright : The 13th session of the Intergovernmental Committee of the Universal Copyright Convention
Developing creative content: Radio, TV, new media

Message from the Director-General of UNESCO: United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation
News and Events

Film Production Workshop for Professional Producers in Colombia Bogota, Colombia
27 02 - 03 03 2006  During five days, the workshop will cover all aspects of film production: project development, marketing, distribution, digital and other new technologies in the audiovisual industry. 

Caribbean Regional Training Workshop on Marine World Heritage Saint Lucia, Lesser Antilles
27 02 - 03 03 2006  Organized by UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre, the workshop will enable national authorities, intergovernmental (IGOs) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to identify and protect marine World Heritage sites in the Caribbean. 

Policy Leaders and Decision-Makers in the Broadcasting and Audio-Visual Industry in Asia Singapore
28 02 - 01 03 2006  Within the framework of the Jodhpur Action Plan (India), participants at this regional expert meeting will discuss guidelines and strategies in broadcasting and audio-visual policy as well as strategies for leaders and decision-makers. 

HIV and AIDS: The Creative Challenge Hanoi, Vietnam (1-2 March) and Nairobi, Kenya (15-16 March)
02 - 16 03 2006  Within the framework of this project, UNESCO and two NGOs --“Creative Exchange” and “Exchange” -- will organize two sub-regional workshops with key stakeholders at the sub-regional and national levels. The workshops’ main objectives will be to provide the participants with a forum for exchange, collaboration and capacity building on issues related to culture, HIV/AIDS and communication. 
Reflection Year on World Heritage Periodic Reporting Paris, France
02 - 03 03 2006  The World Heritage Committee has decided to postpone, for one year, the beginning of the next cycle of Periodic Reporting: 2007 will be the Reflection Year. 
World Conference on Arts Education Lisbon, Portugal
06 - 09 03 2006  The conference will be officially inaugurated by the President of the Republic of Portugal and the Director-General of UNESCO and will bring together representatives of Ministries of Education and/or Culture from UNESCO’s Member States, NGOs, experts, practitioners and researchers in the field of arts education. 
Conference on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage Rabat, Morocco
07 - 09 03 2006  The conference is organized for the purpose of bringing together competent regional authorities and experts to provide a forum based on their experiences of the practical and legal issues relating to the protection and management of underwater cultural heritage at the national level. 
Artists for Life exhibition Paris, France
15 - 19 03 2006  “Artists for Life”, a joint project between UNESCO and the NGO, Dessine L’Espoir, will be officially inaugurated at the international contemporary and modern art exhibition “Artparis 06", to be held at the Grand Palais in Paris. 
Community Radio Production and Diffusion in Sudan Juba, Sudan
16 - 27 03 2006  As part of the cultural programme “Strengthening respect for cultural diversity towards intercultural dialogue and reconciliation in Sudan” approved in the 2006 UN Work Plan for Sudan, this workshop will focus on “Cultural Diversity and the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA)” and the reinforcement of intercultural dialogue among different communities. 
Identification of Intangible Heritage in Sudan Khartoum, Sudan
20 - 21 03 2006  This expert meeting will provide an opportunity for experts from northern and southern Sudan to learn more about the methodology used in the inventorying of intangible cultural heritage. This event is part of the Culture programme “Strengthening respect for cultural diversity towards intercultural dialogue and reconciliation in Sudan”, which was approved in the 2006 UN Work Plan for Sudan. 
World Poetry Day 2006 Havana, Cuba
21 03 2006 - 21 03 2006  This event is being organized by the National Union of Artists and Writers of Cuba with the support of the Cuban National Commission for UNESCO and the sponsorship of the UNESCO Office in Havana. Many poets and artists are expected to attend. 
Nouveaux Virtuoses Concert Paris, France
23 03 2006 - The Nouveaux Virtuoses Concerts, in collaboration with the National Confederation of Junior-Enterprises, are a series of French classical concerts aimed chiefly at promoting young solo artists at the international level. Featured musician, Chinese pianist Siheng Song, winner of the First Great Prize of the Marguerite Long-Jacques Thibaud International Competition 2004, will perform works by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven Liszt, Debussy and Ginastera. 
Joining forces for preserving Africa’s linguistic diversity Bamako, Mali
23 - 25 03 2006  This expert meeting, organized in close cooperation with UNESCO and the African Academy of Languages (ACALAN), will bring together the 50 linguists, and representatives of universities and research institutions from sub-Saharan Africa who took part in a questionnaire survey. 
Workshop on World Heritage Sites in the Solomon Islands Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands
27 - 31 03 2006  International natural heritage experts will assist the participants in reassessing the World Heritage potential of the Marovo Lagoon, and discussing the feasibility of other natural or mixed heritage sites in the Solomon Islands for their possible inclusion in the Tentative List. 
The Frozen Tombs of the Altai Mountains: Strategies and Perspectives Gorno-Altaisk, Republic of Altai, Russian Federation
28 - 31 03 2006  In view of the threat posed by global warming to these tombs, this workshop, organized within the framework of the preservation and conservation activities implemented under the Altai Mountains Project, will focus on three main themes. 
5th International Film Festival on Clay and Glass Montpellier, France
31 03 - 02 04 2006  On the occasion of the 5th International Film Festival on Clay and Glass (Fifav), organized by the Art Workshops of France, UNESCO will award a travel scholarship for the production of a documentary film on the use of clay as a means of artistic expression between different cultures. 
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