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In Focus
3 April 2006
Entry into force of the Convention for
the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage

As at 31 March 2006,forty-six states have ratified the Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, which will enter into force on 20 April 2006. The implementation of this Convention, which strongly emphasizes the role of communities and groups as bearers and transmitters of intangible cultural heritage, will greatly contribute to the promotion of cultural diversity and human creativity.

Samba de Roda, Brazil
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The 2003 Convention: Filling a legal void
Safeguarding projects: Strong donor support

46 States Parties: A worldwide commitment
Governing Bodies of the Convention: The General Assembly & Intergovernmental Committee

UNESCO-Peru agreement: First regional centre for intangible heritage
News and Events

Turin, World Book Capital 2006 Turin, Italy
27-03-2006 - Turin, in partnership with Rome, was designated by UNESCO as “World Book Capital” for 2006-2007 in recognition of its exceptional mobilization, along with that of all the concerned social and professional sectors, in promoting reading and books.

GIS Training for Cultural Resource Management in Thailand/Lao PDR Bangkok, Thailand
30 03 - 05 04 2006  This sub-regional workshop aims at providing basic training in the aspects of cultural resource management and computer technology necessary for constructing and maintaining a baseline geographical information system (GIS) for heritage site management and monitoring in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Thailand . 

Fifth Technical Working Group on Asian Culture Industry Data and Statistics Thimphu, Bhutan
02 - 07 04 2006  The purpose of this informal inter-agency working group will be to finalize modules 3 (Employment) and 4 (Social Impact) of the Data Model for Asian Culture Industry Statistics, whose framework was endorsed by the Inter-Agency Senior Expert Symposium convened in Jodhpur (India) in February 2005. 

iNTA Conference 2006 : Harmony in Culture and Nature Jogjakarta, Indonesia
03 - 05 04 2006  The aim of this second conference on "Sustainable Architecture and Urban Design in Tropical Regions: Harmony in Culture and Nature" is to provide an international forum for researchers, architects, building practitioners and students in the tropical belts. 
Public Health and HIV/AIDS Programmes for sub-Saharan Africa Barcelona, Spain
06 - 07 04 2006  This international conference seeks to raise awareness on the potential contribution of social sciences in designing responses to HIV and AIDS through holistic, interdisciplinary, and multisectoral approaches. 
Commemoration of the Bicentenary of the Abolition of Slavery in the United Kingdom (2007) London, United Kingdom
17 - 21 04 2006  This preparatory meeting aims at advising the London Mayor’s Office (LMO) on the implementation of the activities undertaken by UNESCO’s New International Scientific Committee on the Slave Route Project, examining the LMO’s strategic plan and providing comments on issues relevant to the transatlantic slave trade and contemporary London society. 
International Conference on Traditional Medicine and HIV/AIDS London, United Kingdom
18 - 19 04 2006  The conference's main objectives will be to explore the present level of awareness about the treatment of HIV/AIDS as well as collaboration given by traditional medical practitioners who considerably outnumber biomedical practitioners and to draw up a set of guidelines for the future. 
Exhibition of Andean jewels Paris, France
19 - 26 04 2006  Further to the seminar on jewellery craftsmanship organized in Peru in 2004, an exhibition and sale of the works of art presented by participants from Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela will be held at UNESCO Headquarters.
The "Traveller Glass " Exhibition Florence, Italy
21 04 2006 - 01 05 2006  This exhibition follows the workshop for Mediterranean glass artisans that took place in September 2005 in Tunis. Individual and collective works of art created during the workshop by artisans from Algeria, Egypt, France, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, Spain and Tunisia will be on display. 
19th Bogotá International Book Fair Bogotá, Colombia
22 04 2006 - 07 05 2006  The central theme of the 19th international book fair will be "The Role of Books in Education". This year's fair will pay tribute to six world book capitals: Madrid (Spain), Alexandria (Egypt), New Delhi (India), Antwerp (Belgium), Montréal (Canada) and Turin (Italy). Bogotá will be designated book capital in 2007. 
Publishing and the Public Interest Montreal, Canada
22 - 24 04 2006  On the occasion of World Book and Copyright Day, the International Publishers Association International Publishers Association (IPA) is organizing its 6th Copyright symposium. 
World Book and Copyright Day Turin, Italy
23 04 2006 -  Numerous events will be organized in Turin (World Book Capital 2006) and worldwide to celebrate this day under the aegis of UNESCO. 
Training Cultural and Natural Heritage Professionals in the Pacific Region Apia, Samoa
23 - 27 04 2006  As part of the action plan for the implementation of the World Heritage – Pacific 2009, this capacity-building workshop will bring together professionals from Niue, Samoa and Tonga. 
Awareness-raising and anti-piracy workshop for enforcement officials in Egypt Cairo, Egypt
24 - 27 04 2006  On the occasion of World Book and Copyright Day the Egyptian Interior Ministry, in cooperation with, and under the co-sponsorship of Business Software Alliance and UNESCO Global Alliance for Cultural Diversity, is organizing a seminar on Intellectual Property Rights. 
World Heritage of Portuguese Origin Coimbra, Portugal
27 - 29 04 2006  Designed to promote international cooperation network among experts, this meeting will bring together professors, researchers, experts and students involved in different aspects of cultural heritage of Portuguese origin. 
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