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July 3 2006
In Focus
Cultural Policies
Wall of the Moon (Joan Miró) ©Unesco
UNESCO is the only institution in the United Nations system with a mandate in the field of culture. In accordance with its Constitution, the Organization assists its Member States in updating their cultural policies. One of its aims is to help Member States formulate appropriate responses to those challenges posed by cultural diversity in all of its forms - be they heritage-related, contemporary or creative activities - as well as those posed by its corollary, i.e., intercultural dialogue. These policies pertain not only to the field of culture proper but also to the role that culture should play in other areas of development.
News and Events
  • Underwater Museum, Alexandria, Egypt
    03 - 06 07 2006  A multidisciplinary team of international and Egyptian experts will participate in this workshop, aimed at studying the feasibility of constructiong an underwater useum in the bay of Alexandria. 
  • Training and Building Markets Programme, Santa Fe, USA
    05 - 06 07 2006  In the framework of the 2006 Santa Fe International Folk Art Market, the juried artists will attend presentations and panel discussions led by international marketing and sales professionals as well as importers, retailers, marketing experts and gallery owners.
  • 30th Session of the World Heritage Committee, Vilnius, Lithuania
    08 - 16 07 2006  The annual meeting of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, including representatives from 21 of the States Parties to the Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, will take place in the Lithuanian capital. 
  • “On the Silk Road” Exhibition, Bay of Mont Saint Michel, France
    08 07 - 27 08 2006  The exhibition takes a pedagogical approach to the Silk Road along which East met West over thousands of years to exchange ideas and techniques, arts and crafts and ways of life. 
  • UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation, Bangkok, Thailand
    10 - 12 07 2006  This year’s awards programme has drawn 36 entries from 11 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, and the selection process will be conducted by a panel of international experts in heritage conservation, architecture, urban planning, and landscape design.
  • Art, Design and Technology Training in the Arab States, Beirut, Lebanon
    14- 28 07 2006  Beirut will host the second phase of the DigiArts pilot project “Master Module on Art, Design, and Technology", which will focus on practical hands-on training in the use of creative digital tools for moving images, computer graphics, animation. 
  • Cultural Objects displaced in connection with the Second World War, Paris, France
    19 - 21 07 2006  The main purpose of the meeting is, in pursuance of 33 C/Resolution 45, to elaborate the draft of the Declaration of Principles relating to cultural objects displaced in connection with the Second World War with a view to its submission to the 34th Session of the General Conference. 
  • Images and Memory of Slavery: How does Cinema tell the Tragedy of the Slave Trade? Zanzibar, United Republic of Tanzania
    20 07 2006  This round table will take place within the framework of the Zanzibar International Film Festival. During the event, UNESCO’s new DVD on the Slave Route will be shown and the role of filmmakers’ in raising awareness regarding this tragedy will be discussed with cinema professionals and the general public.
  • 5th UNESCO Children’s Performing Arts Festival of East Asia, Oulan Bator, Mongolia
    27 - 30 07 2006  Hundreds of children from China (including Macao SAR and Hong Kong), the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Japan, Mongolia and the Republic of Korea will participate in the festival, thereby celebrating the diversity of national traditions while learning to live together.
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