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September 1, 2006
In Focus
Struggles against slavery
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Through its Slave Route Project , UNESCO aims to break the silence surrounding the slave trade and slavery and to bring to light their consequences on modern societies as reflected in their cultures, knowledge systems, beliefs and behaviours. This project enhances mutual understanding among peoples by encouraging us to reflect on such vital issues as cultural pluralism, intercultural dialogue and the building of new identities. UNESCO also combats new forms of slavery by developing prevention campaigns adapted to local cultures.
News and Events
  • Mekong Performing Arts Laboratory and HIV/AIDS Prevention Hanoi, Viet Nam
    27 08 - 16 09 2006  The 2006 laboratory will consist of a three-week intensive training course linked with UNESCO’s project for innovative HIV-prevention approaches using traditional forms of performing arts in Asia. 
  • UNESCO to assist Lebanese early recovery in culture and education Paris, France
    30 08 2006 UNESCO will assist the Lebanese government by providing support for vocational education, children and youth traumatized by recent events, and helping to preserve the country’s rich cultural heritage. 
  • Special Session on Culture and Disaster Reduction Davos, Switzerland
    31 08 2006  On the occasion of the International Conference on Disaster Reduction (ICDR), from 27 August to 1 September, the Special Session will examine how traditional knowledge systems and cultural and natural heritage preservation can be integrated into comprehensive risk management strategies. 
  • Cultural Policies and Post-Conflict in Southern Sudan Juba, Sudan
    07 - 08 09 2006  Representatives from ten states of Southern Sudan participate in a workshop whose main objective will be to draw up a cultural policy framework within the post-conflict context of the country. 
  • 11th International Seminar of the UNESCO Forum - University and Heritage Florence, Italy
    11 09 - 16 09 2006  The main topic of this seminar is “Documentation for Conservation and Development: New Strategies in Cultural Heritage for the Future”. 
  • Africa and Diaspora Conference on Cultural Diversity for Social Cohesion and Sustainable Development
    Sun City, South Africa
    12 - 16 09 2006  This conference is a follow-up to various conference initiatives undertaken throughout Africa and the Diaspora with regard to the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. 
  • Seal of Excellence for Handicrafts in Asia Mongolia, Thailand, India and Uzbekistan
    14 - 27 09 2006  Four panels of seven to nine programme partners and international experts (14-15 September in Ulan Bator, Mongolia; 18-19 September in Bangkok, Thailand; 22-23 September in New Delhi, India and 25-27 September in Bukhara, Uzbekistan) will judge handicrafts submissions from East, South-East, South and Central Asia. 
  • 23rd Edition of European Heritage Days France
    16 - 17 09 2006  An initiative launched in 1984 by the French Ministry of Culture, European Cultural Days, now in its twenty-third year, will take place in France on Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 September. 
  • Anti-Piracy Training for Trainers Windhoek, Namibia
    18 - 21 09 2006  The advanced-level workshop will focus on intellectual property protection, mechanisms for detecting, investigating and measuring piracy and for preventing and reducing its spread. 
  • 50th Anniversary of the 1st International Congress of Black Writers and Artists Paris, France
    19 - 22 09 2006  The African Community of Culture and the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research at Harvard University (USA) will open the celebrations at the Sorbonne University to the 50th anniversary of the 1st International Congress of Black Writers and Artists, which took place on 19 September 1956 in the hallowed precincts of the Sorbonne’s Descartes Amphitheatre.
  • Culturally appropriate and gender-sensitive reporting on HIV and AIDS in the Caucasus Region
    Tbilisi, Georgia
    18 - 22 09 2006  This sub-regional training-of-trainers workshop will highlight socio-cultural issues such as traditions, beliefs, gender norms, practices and religions related to HIV and AIDS in order to improve skills in reporting on the pandemic within the region.   
  • Fifth Jury Meeting of the Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture 2006 Paris, France
    21 - 22 09 2006  The Sharjah Prize, conceived with the aim of promoting the development and study of Arab culture throughout the world, is the result of a fruitful collaboration between UNESCO and the Government of the United Arab Emirates. 
  • Planning Meeting on the Safeguarding of Historic Urban Landscapes Paris, France
    25 09 2006 UNESCO has begun the process to arrive at a consolidated text elaborating the concept of Historic Urban Landscapes and the ways and means for its safeguarding. 
  • UNESCO and Advisory Bodies to implement World Heritage Committee Decisions Gland, Switzerland
    25 - 29 09 2006 This meeting between the World Heritage Centre and ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites), IUCN (World Conservation Union), ICCROM (International Centre for the Study and the Preservation of Cultural Property) will focus on the implementation and follow up of the Decisions of the World Heritage Committee adopted during its 30th session as well as on the implementation of the Reflection Year on World Heritage Periodic Reporting.
  • African Diaspora Heritage Trail Conference 2006: Linking our Futures Hamilton, Bermuda
    27 09 - 01 10 2006  The concept of the African Diaspora Heritage Trail (ADHT) is a unified cross-border cultural tourism initiative designed to educate visitors, enhance the economic viability of African Diaspora countries and conserve the essence of African ancestry, culture and history. 
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