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October 2, 2007
In Focus
"Planet Earth: From Space to Place”

Planet Earth Exhibit © Unesco  

In the framework of the 2007 General Conference, UNESCO is organizing an exhibit from 16 October to 3 November at its Paris Headquarters to inaugurate 2008, the International Year of Planet Earth as proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly. This observance is intended to make us reflect on contemporary challenges by considering the human consequences of climate change, earth systems, and natural disasters as regards sustainable development, the transmission of know-how and intercultural dialogue. This exhibit demonstrates the central role of culture in the continuity and survival of the civilizations of our planet.
News and Events
  • 2007 Universal Forum of Cultures in Monterrey Monterrey, Mexico
    20 09 - 08 12 2007 - The Forum is a global event that takes place every four years in a different city, and seeks to reunite citizens from a wide range of cultures, languages, religions to foster intercultural dialogue and promote global civil society empowerment.  
  • Consultative Workshop on the Decade Plan of Culture for Ecuador Quito, Ecuador
    01 10 2007 - A body of international experts meets to validate the Decade Plan of Culture for Ecuador, drawn up by the Ministry of Culture in Ecuador and UNESCO.
  • Melina Mercouri International Prize Awarded to Cultural Landscapes Paris, France
    04 10 2007 - The 2007 Melina Mercouri International Prize for the Safeguarding and Management of Cultural Landscapes is awarded to the Borodino Battlefield site in the Russian Federation, with special mention to the Grand Bassin (Ganga Talao) site in Mauritius.
  • Gender, Culture, HIV and AIDS in the 21st Century Paris, France
    04 - 05 10 2007 - Professor Vinh-Kim Nguyen, associate professor in the department of social and preventive medicine of the University of Montreal, HIV physician and medical anthropologist, gives a public lecture on gender, culture, HIV and AIDS.  
  • African Burial Ground National Monument New York, United States of America
    05 10 2007 - Recognizing the lives and contributions of Colonial era Africans, this dedication ceremony of international significance is one of the most noteworthy events in New York’s Black American History.
  • "Living Heritage: Exploring the Intangible "at France Télévisions Paris, France
    05 - 18 10 2007 - This photographic exhibition, which is currently on display at UNESCO's Fontenoy Building, is reproduced, on a smaller scale, at the headquarters of France Télévisions in Paris.
  • African Diaspora Heritage Trail (ADHT) Nassau, Bahamas
    10 - 14 10 2007 - The 2007 Conference entitled "From Slave Ship to Self-Determined Destinations" aims at a careful and thoughtful development of heritage destinations that convey the rich, diverse stories of the peoples of Africa and the Diaspora through their own artistic expressions, written and oral histories, institution-building and policy-making.
  • International Music Council’s World Forum on Music Beijing, China
    11 - 14 10 2007 - Following the first World Forum on Music, held in Los Angeles in October 2005, the 2007 Forum aims at exploring some of the most important developments in music.
  • Cultural Statistics in Costa Rica San José, Costa Rica
    11 10 2007 - This first national workshop aims at promoting the gathering of relevant data and obtaining the necessary political support while encouraging cooperation within the institutional framework in order to generate cultural statistics and indicators in Costa Rica.
  • Japan and its New Approach to Cultural Policies Paris, France
    13 10 2007 - Manga, J-pop, video games, fashion – Japanese pop culture is adored by international youth. More and more students are becoming passionate about the Japanese language and culture through cartoons. In recent years, these new forms of expression have become essential components of an innovative cultural policy called "Soft Power".  
  • Planet Earth: From Space to Place Paris, France
    16 10 - 03 11 2007 - The exhibition anticipates International Year of Planet Earth in 2008 and aims to showcase how UNESCO’s work contributes to the sustainable development of the planet. It reflects an intersectoral approach, including the scientific underpinning, the cultural dimension, and the transmission of knowledge and values for sustainable development as well as through education, communication and information.
  • Promoting and Preserving Handicrafts in the Arab States Mascate, Sultanate of Oman and Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    21 - 31 10 2007 - The workshop's objectives are to increase public awareness on handicrafts and to promote the diversity and quality of handicrafts as well as the social status of craftspeople.
  • Promoting Intercultural Dialogue for Gulf Countries and Several African Countries Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
    22 - 24 10 2007 - Participants from all GCC countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates) together with several other Arab and African countries will take part in this training workshop.  
  • The General Assembly of States Parties to the World Heritage Convention Paris, France
    24 - 25 10 2007 - During this sixteenth session, the General Assembly discusses strategic issues relating to World Heritage, determines the percentage of contributions to the World Heritage Fund applicable to all States Parties and elects new members to the World Heritage Committee to replace outgoing members.
  • Cultural Anthropology at African Universities Bamenda, Cameroon
    28 - 31 10 2007 - This international workshop contributes to the development of innovative teaching programmes that translate regional ethnographies into cultural diversity courses, in accordance with UNESCO’s work on protecting and promoting the diversity of cultural expressions.
  • Traditional Knowledge Systems and Expressions of Culture Queensland, Australia
    31 10 - 01 11 2007 - This meeting explores the use of Traditional Knowledge, Systems and the Expressions of Culture for social and sustainable development.
  • Pathways of Human Dignity:  From Cultural Traditions to a New Paradigm Vadstena, Sweden
    31 10 - 04 11 2007 - Human dignity is a founding notion of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, whose sixtieth anniversary is to be commemorated in 2008 by the United Nations. The Declaration's moral, legal, political and philosophical ramifications run deep, but much remains to be understood about its historical roots, its role in the history of different religions and cultural traditions, and its relationship to human rights.
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